maandag 5 december 2016

Innovative Projector Door at the UNSW Medicine Liverpool Hospital.

Ever wanted to replace the static content on a Glass Door into digital? Well, here’s a great innovative example of using Projectors to display digital content on Glass. What’s more interesting is the ability to turn off the video projection when the door opens so that the person walking past does not get blinded by the projector globe. Watch the video below:


Here’s the list of equipment you need to set up something similar:

-  A short throw projector and bracket. The closer to the glass door
    the better as you don’t want people    to walk in front of
    the projected image.
-  Projector film – this is a special film that is used to project onto.
    Think of it like a tinted film.
-  A control box which is used to send control signals to the projector
-  Reed Switch – to identify when the door closes and opens

You will need to configure the control box to detect when the reed switch is open this means the door is in an open state. If this is the case, then send a VIDEO MUTE control signal to the projector. Video mute basically shuts off the projection so that it’s like in a standby mode. Once the door closes, it will cause the reed switch to go in a closed state and the control box will detect this and send a UNMUTE signal to the projector. It sounds easy but there was quite a lot of work involved to setup this up, especially finding the right control box to work with the short throw projector.

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