donderdag 29 december 2016

Lumineq Transparent.

Transparent Electroluminescent Displays, TASEL®lumineq logo

Lumineq® transparent TASEL® displays enable you to break the design boundaries of conventional displays. Transparent displays are ideal for high-end applications, where a subtle look and first-class viewing experience make the product stand out. The basis of a TASEL, the display glass, is easily customized, it can be drilled or cut to custom sizes to fulfill your design requirements.

beneq lumineq transparent displays

Lumineq Transparent EL Displays (TASEL) modules are ideal for high-end applications as they are perfect for creating a sleek, modern look in situations where aesthetics are essential. They offer a subtle look that creates a first-class viewing experience.

TASEL modules are transparent when not in use, and unused areas of the display remain clear as the rest is illuminated. The display glass is easily customized as it can be drilled or cut making custom designs much simpler. As well as this curved displays and custom shapes are also available fulfilling most design requirements.

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