dinsdag 24 januari 2017

A next level visual experience.

Visuals have always been an important part of the sales gallery experience. Customers want a mental picture of what life in their new home will be like. And for buyers of luxury towers, the view has always been a major part of the buying decision. View photography was the best method for giving them the closest approximation of their potential city scene. Until the projection wall by Obscura. It’s a powerful new sales tool that takes a customer far past imagining with immersive viewscape technology. A massive 72 ft long by 10 ft high curved wall with twenty projectors makes the unknown, known.

A customer walking into a sales gallery needs to feel transported. They want to see and touch the amenities. Explore the options and fixtures. But now, with a push of a button, the stage has been set and they are on the 15th floor, SE corner with the corresponding views. Or the 30th floor. Is there a difference on the 35th floor? Let’s see. There is an audible “Wow.” Another push of the button and it’s the view at night. Another “Wow.” The buyers know the amenities and price points. And now the final question has been eliminated. They know their view.

The impact was tremendous for the LUMINA sales gallery. The wall created literal buzz on the street with people entering the gallery just to see it in action. A good sales gallery is a “wow” factor in and of itself, but now the viewing wall has created another “wow” factor for the sales team. With a bit of showmanship, the sales agent can control the environment and when the perfect moment comes, they can create the view that makes a customer’s eyes open a little wider. Sales galleries need to eliminate every possible objection from a buyer’s mind and this type of next level experience can be profound. When you are selling a ‘vision’, seeing is truly believing.

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