donderdag 23 februari 2017

Digital screen on a truck: MobilAd Media test its first Digi-Truck.

OOH direction MobilAd Media, for 10 years specializing in truckvertising, is currently testing its first Digi-Truck. This trailer from MobilAd fleet does not have the classic advertising sails, but a digital LED screen 6m2 behind the doors. The technology on board offers lots of possibilities. The digital display is controlled from a remote location in order to place content à la minute as a function of the time and the location of the truck. In addition, motorists get offered on the motorway in real-time traffic information regarding travel time and possible delays. Advertisers can display their message wherever and whenever they want. It is not intended to place the animated videos for security reasons, or alternating static images. Before this innovation to roll over and commercialize the entire network, further tests will be done in the coming months.

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