woensdag 15 februari 2017

Echo - a new advertising technology

ECHO from Lightvert is a new, patented, DOOH advertising technology. With a single small reflective strip down the side of a building, it can create a fleeting but striking image in the eye of a viewer. From a relatively small footprint, ECHO can produce images up to 200m tall, making them some of the largest adverts in the world.

A narrow strip of reflective material is fixed to the side of the building and a high-speed light scanner projects light off of a reflector and towards the viewer. This creates large-scale images that are ‘captured’ for a brief moment in the viewer’s eye through a ‘persistence of vision’ effect. The images are fleeting, but striking, prompting viewers to stop, engage with the image and share the experience (images can be captured using a camera or mobile phone)

It has been funded to date by Innovate UK and a small cohort of seed funders, ECHO has completed the proof of concept and is now ready to build a commercial solution. This will be funded through an equity crowdfunding campaign launching February 13, 2017 through Crowdcube, with the aim of ultimately bringing ECHO to market later this year.

ECHO has a global patent pending, and Lightvert believes it will open up exciting new advertising opportunities in outdoor spaces that are currently inaccessible to traditional and digital OOH.


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