dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Vehicle recognition on Holland Park Roundabout / London

The Premium Digital Address in South West London now featuring exclusive Vehicle Recognition Technology The third largest digital site in the UK, delivering 4,920,340 adult impacts, The Holland Park Roundabout is the jewel in West London’s Digital OOH crown – flanked by affluent Kensington and Notting Hill, adjacent to Westfield London and linking central London with the main arterial A40.
Holland Park Roundabout is the first ever Digital Out of Home advertising location to deliver real-time vehicle recognition. Ocean’s exclusive technology has been introduced to personalise content to key audiences based on the make and model of the car they are driving.

Bermuda Tourism is the first travel brand to use vehicle recognition technology to serve live advertisements to premium car drivers in London.

Using the Hello Bermudaful greeting, Bermuda Tourism is serving personalised messages to the drivers of nine different premium car marques in the vicinity of Ocean Outdoor’s triple screen digital out of home site which is located at London’s Holland Park roundabout.

Planned by the Media Agency Group, the DOOH campaign deploys Ocean’s vehicle recognition technology which serves different creative messages to the drivers of prestige cars which are less than four years old and valued at more than £40,000.

Bermuda Tourism’s new campaign also features press advertising.

Ocean marketing director Richard Malton said: “The combination of Holland Park Roundabout, one of London’s most desirable advertising locations and vehicle recognition technology is a marriage that creates incredibly effective communication for clients. Precision targeting, zero wastage and 100 per cent creative relevance delivered programmatically for Bermuda Tourism’s campaign demonstrates the versatility of DOOH within the media schedule.”

12m wide x 3.5m high (each screen)

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