maandag 6 maart 2017

“Invisible” Walkway Scares Shoppers to Attention.

The Installation of the Week is a true testament to the power of immersion and how the five senses can be complicit in simulated reality. Multinational digital content agency Mindconsole recently went to work on building a walkway at Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney, Australia that goes from an opaque surface to appearing to collapse under the weight of passersby.

This “invisible” walkway used a 4K OLED screen, motion sensors and various sound effects to very briefly make consumers feel as if they are going to plummet to their doom before dissolving into an advertisement for Rexona’s Invisible Dry range. Yes, this is an elaborate campaign for antiperspirant deodorant of all things. More specifically, it’s pushing Rexona Men Invisible Dry Fresh on the Australian Market after wild success with streak-less, stainless odor protection in the U.K. As the video below illustrates, this playful stunt as well as the candid reactions of unsuspecting participants were all caught by 10 on-site cameras to be used for subsequent content roll-out.

According to John McKeon, marketing manager for Rexona, this “Believe in the Invisible” installation campaign is the first part of a series that will show how the product protects consumers from marks, stains, sweat, etc. As part of the campaign, Rexona has also released two 15-second global TV spots that feature a man and a woman going about everyday life by travelling or walking on invisible objects.

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