maandag 13 maart 2017

LG and Madpixel lead the San Telmo Museum masterpieces by great international painters.

Visitors who come to the museum of the capital San Sebastian can enjoy paintings, found in museums and art centers in Spain, Holland and Denmark, through LG screens. Most parts of the sample have been digitized by Madpixel and technology Second Exhibition Canvas.

LG He collaborated with San Telmo Museum San Sebastian, through Madpixel, Which it is the first digital experience '7 works, 7 museums'. And it does so through its innovative technology in televisions and displays great professional format. For this project focuses on seven screens and 49LH630V 55LH604V models, and videowall, set to 2 × 2 teams 55LV77A-5B.

Thus, visitors to the museum of the capital San Sebastian can enjoy great masterpieces of art, distributed in different museums and art centers in Spain, Holland and Denmark, without leaving your city, through the screens of LG.

Most of the pieces in the exhibition have been digitized in super high resolution Madpixel and technology Second Exhibition Canvas, while others have been digitized by the institutions themselves.

The viewer visitors can enjoy all the details of the strokes of the author and feel in person the same feeling of seeing the real picture. In addition, through LG screens can browse historical details of the piece or discover hidden aspects of the paintings, since the sample also incorporates artistic and contextual references of the period of its creation.

The exhibition will be open until 26 March and includes works such as The Garden of Eden With The Fall of Man (Jan Brueghel the Elder & Peter Paul Rubens - Mauritshuis), The Marriage of Camacho (Josep Maria Sert - Fundación Banco Santander), Arlequin (Juan Gris - Telefonica Foundation), the Artist's Wife (L. A. Ring - Statens Museum for Kunst), Charter portolan Mediterranean (SA - National Library of Spain) sea, Zaldei, cave paintings Ekain (Basque Government), Rue Saint- honoré in the afternoon or effect of rain (Camille Pissarr - Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza).

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