maandag 3 april 2017

Southwest Airlines Projection Mapping - Dallas.

Southwest Airlines Projection Mapping Experience.
A brand re-launch of epic proportions

DALLAS – Southwest Airlines revealed a new look with a stunning visual display. Rumors dominated the conversation this past week ( 2014 !!) as aviation insiders and enthusiasts speculated on what Southwest Airlines was going to announce. A host of reporters, bloggers, and Southwest Employees were called to Southwest Airlines Headquarters yesterday to witness a momentous unveiling effort told through a spectacular, larger-than-life video presentation.

Following days of teaser messages to Employees and Customers, the new look began to unveil at 2 a.m. CDT Monday morning. By 8:30 a.m. CDT the airline’s Hangar 5 was filled with media from all over the country as well as Southwest Employees and partners, and the show began.

“We wanted this to be a moment for the media and for Southwest’s Employees to really experience the power of their new look with a 4D experience they’ll remember for a lifetime,”

DME, and its creative partner, Go2 Productions, utilized multiple 35,000 lumen projectors, state of the art proprietary mapping software, and concert quality sound, bringing Hangar 5 to life with 3D mapped imagery that covered more than 13,000 square feet. More than 4,000 people were in attendance to witness the world’s first immersive 3D/4D projection experience in the interior of an airplane hangar.

“This show allowed Southwest Employees to feel pride in their brand and to experience a continued awakening of where they’re going in the future,” said Aaron Gaeir, Chief Executive Officer of Grandesign Media Services.

The day’s events were capped off with a deck party at the airline’s Maintenance Hangar, where Southwest Employees, partners, and members of the press were invited to see the new aircraft, displaying the new Heart livery, up close and personal.

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