maandag 26 juni 2017

Universe of Water Particles on the Living Wall.

Projected onto a rock are the same kinds of plants as those planted by the botanical artist Patrick Blanc on the opposite wall. With the daily rising and setting of the sun the appearance of the artwork changes.

Universe of Water Particles is a virtual waterfall created in a virtual 3-D space using teamLab’s concept of ultrasubjective space, a term that refers to the depiction of space found in premodern Japanese painting.

Computer-generated water consisting of hundreds of thousands of water particles is virtually poured onto a virtually sculpted rock. The computer calculates the movement of the particles to produce a simulation of water that flows in accordance with the laws of physics. Lines are drawn in relation to a selection of 0.1% of the particles. The sinuousness of the lines depends on the overall interaction of the water particles.

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