maandag 17 juli 2017

Holo Review from Eyerock

POS, products are also increasingly presented with hologram displays. Different companies offer different solutions. Three display products have recently been created by Eyerock Studios, one of 3D animations specializing agency from Essen / Germany.

The Holoco display, also discussed here, recently got a little brother - the Holoco [S]. Why a 20 cm high and 26.5 cm deep variant makes sense makes the company so: "The space conditions at the point of sale are known as a difficult topic. Attracting the attention of the customer with regard to countless advertising messages is also not easier. The new Holoco [S] solves both problems. It fits in almost every shelf and its new holographic imagery makes it an absolute eyecatcher. In this, free floating holographic 3D objects are combined with real products. Small, high-quality products such as smartphones, watches and jewelery, as well as a range of beauty and health care products, will find a suitable presentation platform. "

The holographic display, like its big colleagues, is equipped with energy-saving media technology. The interior is illuminated by RGB LEDs, in order to show the real products in the display in the right light.

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