vrijdag 6 oktober 2017

Ikea vending machine offers kitchen tools.

Ikea's kitchen store had a premiere on September 1, a vending machine at Hötorget's subway station will get customers to find the new store.

Ikea has installed a vending machine at a Stockholm subway station to sell small kitchen items such as a garlic press, an egg slicer and other tools, according to Ehandel.com, a retail site. The machine is located near a new Ikea kitchen products store.

The temporary store is about 4,300 square feet and includes a showroom with seven display kitchens, according to a press release from Ikea Sweden.

The vending machine, which will be up for a few weeks, encourages consumers to "get a kitchen to go with their garlic press."

The machine accepts payment cards.

Miki Tabakovic, deputy country sales director for Ikea Sweden, said the company wants to show Ikea is widely available, not just in its department stores.

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