dinsdag 19 december 2017

Deepframe - Large format Hologram

The Danish company that has shown small pyramid-shaped hologram-like displays at recent Digital Signage Expos will be showing a much larger take on mixed reality at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas.

Realfiction will he unveiling DeepFrame, a large glass window that uses the reflection of an OLED display’s image to create an overlay on what people are looking at.

Here’s how it is described:

DeepFrame enables photorealistic images and videos to be viewed through a glass window in 4K resolution — without requiring spectators to use any special eyewear. The patent-pending technology makes it possible – for the first time ever – to integrate digital holograms directly into everyday settings and vistas; allowing a group of people to share the same MR experience simultaneously.

In development for more than two years, DeepFrame is based on a combination of existing technologies that have been refined through rigorous research and development. The display utilizes a curved 4K OLED screen to project an ultra-high-resolution image, video or animation, which is deflected and enlarged on a transparent custom-made glass optic. By tailoring the visual for a physical environment, a glasses-free, mixed-reality experience can be created for an audience to witness collectively in real time.

A standard DeepFrame display is 64 inches, but will be available in other sizes in the near future. DeepFrame was unveiled this past May with a surprise demonstration at the Danish National Aquarium, in which a 3D rocket launched out of a still water bank.

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