dinsdag 12 december 2017

Digital OOH continues to grow across GB.

New data from Route is released today. This shows that the audience of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising continues to grow and now offers advertisers 51% cover of GB adults each week.

Other points worth noting in the data include:

1) Digital OOH now reaches 92% of Londoners each week
2) East of England sees the highest growth in weekly digital cover,
    up 12% since last quarter (49.5%  cover vs 44.2% in Q3)
3) Londoners are exposed to DOOH more frequently, seeing 51 digital
    frames per week compared to 27 as a nationwide average.
4) On average, Britons see one more digital out of home ad per week
    than they did last quarter (27 vs 25.9 in Q3).
5) Digital impacts are up by 6% since the last quarter.
6) The growth reflects the increase in digital inventory now
    measured by Route.The latest dataset includes the measurement
    of 6,097 digital frames.

The chart below shows the current weekly digital cover by region.

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