dinsdag 27 februari 2018

Digital Marquee (LED Pylon) - The Forum Shops: Caesars Palace | Las Vegas | 4K UHD.

A unique installation on the Las Vegas strip, the Pylon sign outside of The Forum shops is a 3D canvas designed to interest and excite the millions of visitors per year who walk past it.

The software, developed by Acquire Digital, enables the stunning content to wrap around the high-resolution, custom-built 3D LED architecture of animated columns - simulating classic Roman, Marble, and in fact anything, to frame the main content visible on the strip. Also unique is the attention-grabbing transition, enabling the typical cut or fade to black as content swaps from one item in the playlist to another to be hidden behind a 3D rendered transition.

To control the sign, a simple to use customised playlist manager was created to enable the client to easily upload and scheduled content, choose animations and columns, and synchronise the Pylon to the nearby Windows (to enable fully immersive 'takeover' messages to occur).

The sign is owned and operated by Simon Properties, Software by Acquire Digital, Content by Moment Factory, Pylon by Yesco.

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