maandag 12 maart 2018

Dubai VR theme park features curved LED entrance display.

UAE digital display specialist Pixcom Technologies has provided a curved LED entrance display and LED tunnel for the Dubai Mall VR park opened by Emaar Entertainment.

A VR theme park has opened at a shopping centre in Dubai, featuring a curved LED entrance display and an immersive LED tunnel from UAE digital display specialist Pixcom. A first-of-its-kind attraction for the Middle East, the 7,000 sqm Dubai Mall VR Park has been opened by Emaar Entertainment.

Set across two levels of the Dubai mall and focusing on the concept of Shared Escapism, the attractions offer a multi-player experience that allows visitors to interact with one another and share the experience with family and friends. The attraction is designed to ‘Challenge Reality’, blurring the lines between perception and reality through unforgettable and mind-blowing experiences.

The entrance LED display showcases Dubai downtown buildings through day and night while the LED tunnel leads visitors to 75,000 sq ft of park space. The space combines augmented reality, virtual reality and experiential attractions and game-changing experiences, spanning wholly immersive rides and interactive video games – including an indoor rollercoaster.

“Pixcom has successfully revolutionised the digital display landscape in Dubai and once again we are thrilled to be part of the VR Park by Emaar Entertainment where we will welcome visitors all over the world with our state-of-art curved LED display innovation,” said Shihas Kizhisseri, CEO of Pixcom Technologies.

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