woensdag 14 maart 2018

Indoor Waterfall.

PixelPro Waterfall Video Wall at Resorts World Catskill.
Custom-designed by Fusion CI Studios.
This computer-generated waterfall is 42’x13’ (4992x1536 pixels — that’s 7.7 million glorious pixels)! Unique in the world, the waterfall hides a secret door, that at the touch of an i-pad, opens & closes with the waterfall playfully splashing around the doorframe, allowing performers onstage! AND The waterfall is programmable to react in any way you can imagine to movements or sound on stage, so performers & audiences will love it. A brilliant use of LED screen design and technology! In keeping with Resorts World Catskills exquisite luxury design that draws the gorgeous Catskills environment indoors, the waterfall background is a digital replica of nearby Stony Kills Falls cliffs. It’s about an hour’s drive from the casino and you can hike to the actual falls. So cool… Last, but not least…. YES! you can watch TV on it. Needless to say, in Eagles country, Super Bowl 2018 was a huge hit at this bar!

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