donderdag 29 maart 2018


Our most ambitious public artwork to date. JEM is there to unify people through a shared experience and we’re excited to see how people rest, dream and play in this rare space.” ENESS debuts a public artwork that beckons to be explored. The team of artists, designers, musicians and software engineers collaborated with South Bank Corporation and Stukel Stone Architects to create JEM. JEM is a sculptural dome made of 32 cascading arms brimming with light. JEM reacts to peoples' movement with rhythmic sounds and visual delights. Powerfully responsive sensors guide people into a state of calm. The work is a futuristic folly, a safe space that is relaxing, exciting and awe-inspiring at the same time. Its plush crochet beds provide a place to laze and absorb its radiant rays. JEM encourages people to raise their heads in awe and gently nudges lovers and strangers into each other’s company. Being inside the work feels deeply contemplative, as all senses are focused on being in the present moment. The cross-disciplinary team came together to realise the notion of ‘metamorphosis’ into this unforgettable physical experience. JEM is at the heart of Flowstate, a vibrant, open-air pavilion and creative space on South Bank, Brisbane. JEM is an welcoming beacon for locals and international visitors flooding into the region for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Photography credit: Tom Blachford for more details.

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