vrijdag 3 september 2010

Deze toekomst is niet meer zo ver weg !

User interface designers The Astonishing Tribe developed this video to showcase their thoughts on what the future of screens may look like. The highlights of the video include stretchable screens, intuitive content sharing, interactive surfaces, and hybrid digital mirrors.

Screen technology is now taking the next leap and the coming years imagination is the only thing stopping us. We will soon have dual screens, malleable screens, screens built into wifi connected mirrors, desks or backside of gadgets clothed with e-ink screens, tactile feedback, color screens with great contrast in sunlight, holographics/stereoscopic screens, color e-ink touch screens, or screens actually knowing where they are in relation to other screens thanks to ultrasonic emitters and microphones.

Much of what's included in the video is not that far off. In many cases, the technology exists today. It's all about moving from prototypes and experimentation to mass production. The barriers are both technological and economic. Conquering the technology-side of the equation will eliminate many of the cost restrictions. As we move closer to the year 2014, continued innovation will foster a more screen-centric future.

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