maandag 23 mei 2011


Just when you were starting to get the hang of all those crazy multitouch gestures designed for your fingers, a group of German researchers wants to put your other extremities to work. Multitoe (really) takes touch-based computing down a level.

The Multitoe floor identifies users based on their footprint, and a short hop brings up a context menu that lets you engage in various toe-tapping activities. For now that mostly looks like outlining various geometric shapes with your tippy toes, but once this thing catches on and you're able to load up the Teach Me To Foxtrot app, it'll all make perfect sense.

As shown in the video, Multitoe even lets you type by hunting and tapping with a personalized hotspot on the bottom of your foot. That's the last time you let anyone walk all over you in an e-mail

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