donderdag 16 juni 2011

Airbus Envisions Air Travel in 2050

Can flying be fun again? Yes, it can. Airbus just released a video and a series of images that envision air travel in 2050 as a fully immersive, human-centered experience. The company’s designers and engineers conceptualized a plane with "bionic structure and interactive membrane” that provides spectacular panoramic views through its almost fully transparent skin.

The travel experience puts the passenger firmly back in control. Leg room issues in coach would be a thing of the past. Instead of dividing into classes, the aircraft of the future offers spaces based on user preferences. Passengers would be able to spend some of their time on board in a ‘smart tech’ section, a few hours in the ‘interaction’ section, or they could relax and enjoy the views in in the ‘vitalizing’ section upfront. Oh, and there will be automorphing seats, virtual golf, a lot of contextual info on touchscreens (of course), and many other neat interactive features.

Some of the ‘futuristic’ concepts are so intriguing that one wonders why they can’t be implemented sooner than 2050. Sure, innovation cycles in the aviation industry are notoriously long, but still: Why do planes by and large still look like in the 70’s and the in-flight experience is getting worse every year. Do we really have to wait 40 years before flying is fun again?

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