donderdag 6 september 2012

Tennessee Titans Debut World’s Largest End Zone Video Screens.

Everything’s still bigger in Texas when it comes to NFL video boards, but Tennessee Titans owners believe their new setup, installed summer of 2012 by ANC Sports, will be at least as impressive - if not even more so - than the record-setting scoreboard at Cowboys Stadium.

The new video boards - one in each end zone - stand 157 feet wide and 54 feet high, just under the Cowboys’ boards that measure 160 feet wide by 72 high. Each display will feature 8,478 square feet of LED signage, becoming the largest end zone video screens in the world. The boards feature ANC’s VisionSOFT operating system, which translates to uncompressed content.

The video boards feature 16-millimeter surface mount pixel display to offer the sharpest display possible close to a 1080p picture. The technology has been available for about five years and used at indoor arenas and stadiums and only now is being introduced to outdoor stadiums. They are the first 16mm SMD LED displays in the NFL and provide Titans fans with pure pixel-to-pixel high-definition visuals.

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