vrijdag 21 december 2012

3M Projector Sleeve.

Bron; www.pcmag.com

You may have great photos and videos on your iPhone, but they're hard to show to a group of people on your phone's small screen. The 3M Projector Sleeve is an iPhone-sized projector that attaches to your phone, letting you display its content on a screen or wall. There are other ways to project from an iPhone—larger projectors with iPhone docks, or pico projectors with suitable adapters—but none as convenient as the 3M Projector Sleeve.

The Projector Sleeve only works with the iPhone 4 or 4S. You dock your phone in the sleeve, which is slightly longer than and as thick as the iPhone itself, and plug the connector into the 30-pin jack. It's not compatible with the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector, and the iPhone 3 series is too wide to fit in the sleeve. (I hope we see a projector sleeve for the iPhone 5, but a lot of phone-projector mashups—both snap-ons like the short-lived Micron Technology PoP Video ($99, 3.5 stars), and full-fledged projector phones—have come and gone quickly.)

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