dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Dreamtek - Broadcastpod standalone system.

Dreamtek has announced a new upgrade of the Broadcastpod, its standalone, integrated system with broadcast-quality lighting, HD camera, and built-in teleprompter. The Broadcastpod can be installed in one day, and can fit into any office space. The upgrade includes multi-format capture capability and the ability to remotely access & control the Broadcastpod from another location. Web functionality enables compatibility with Adobe Connect, WebEx and Google+ Hangouts providing an environment to broadcast or stream. Dreamtek now offers a lease plan for customers who don’t have the upfront capital to purchase a Broadcastpod. The VF Hub is the software that controls the Broadcastpod and provides a interface so that at the touch of a button users can stream or broadcast live video, or capture content for on-demand use, such as video blogging.

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