zondag 17 februari 2013

Panasonic OLED Printed Screen.

While an LCD plant is closed a new one take its place to produce OLED screens. Yes, it’s about Panasonic. The Japanese company has in plan to start the OLED mass production in 2015. Until 2015 they have to finish the ink-jet printing process used to create OLED screens. All these screens are used to build Panasonic OLED TV’s and was designed together with Sony.
The ink-jet printing process allows Panasonic to build OLED TV’s at an affordable price compared with competitors. Most of competitors use a process based on evaporation technology.
Panasonic try to enter in mass production these screens earlier than 2015, but they have to solve first the manufacturing process including the printing process.
The first prototype already take shapes and was unveiled earlier this year. The OLED printed screen TV has a 56-inch diagonal and 3840×2160 pixels resolution.
Panasonic has a plant in Himeji used to produce LCD TV panels. According to a report, this plant will be closed, but in the same time will be replaced with production lines to produce the new OLED printed screens and 20-inch LCD panels used in tablets.

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