dinsdag 12 maart 2013

iGIVE Kiosk for Donation-supported Organizations

inLighten, a provider of digital signage, self-service and audio solutions, has announced the release of the iGIVE Digital Donation Kiosk.
"This unique kiosk has been created to address a number of the issues faced by organizations such as museums, zoos, arts groups and houses of worship that depend on donations for a significant portion of their funding," said Matt Welter , director of communications for Clarence, N.Y.-based inLighten. "The iGIVE Kiosk is attractive, interactive and invites spontaneous giving in a way that makes filling an envelope or mailing a check a thing of the past."

inLighten CEO Dan Snyder added, "With the continuing transition to a cashless society, the expansion of alternate payment methods and the proliferation of information resources, donation supported organizations have had numerous conversations with us about a unified solution that would enable them to integrate giving and self-service information gathering into the experience individuals have when they attend an event, participate in an activity or visit an organization's facility. iGIVE is the answer to that need."

For donors who use cash or check, the iGIVE Kiosk features a cash and check acceptor that deposits donations into an all-steel, double-secured vault within the kiosk. A bank card reader is also provided to enable giving by credit or debit card. Completing the spectrum of payment options is the iGIVE Kiosk's ability to accept online donations made through PayPal, Intuit, Google Wallet or other online payment services with which an organization participates.

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