dinsdag 12 maart 2013

the LEAP Motion Controller.

We tried out our Developer Unit of the LEAP Motion Controller in the Visualizer, Windows 8 Start Screen

The Leap Motion experience at SXSW 2013

One app I really like is Adam Somer's AirHarp, featured in the video clip below: AirHarp is the result of a weekend hacking session with a Leap Motion dev board. Leap Motion is a highly precise and responsive motion tracking device, making it a perfect tool for expressive musical interactions. AirHarp is being developed in C++ using my audio processing toolkit, MusKit. The source code for both projects is available at http://github.com/adamsomers.

Here is a preview of our work with the Leap Motion controller. In the same spirit as our support for Microsoft Kinect, we have encoded true gesture support, not just mouse emulation, for the creation of interactive applications by non-programmers. The goal is to hide complexity from designers using IntuiFace Presentation (IP). Through the use of IP’s trigger/action syntax, designers simply select a gesture as a trigger - Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Point, etc. - and associate that gesture with an action like “turn the page” or “rotate the carousel”. As you can see in this video, it works quite well. :-) We will offer Leap support as soon as it ships.

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