donderdag 21 maart 2013

Interactive air screen.

Displair enters world advertising market with its first interactive air screen. The Russian company introduced its innovative product on March 5 at a major IT and telecom-exhibition CeBit in Hannover, Germany.
Interactive display Displair I is a new generation computer device, forming the image in the air and operated with fingertips, just like traditional tablets. At CeBit the company made a presentation of its product and declared the start of advance booking.

“We’ve barely entered the market, but we already have quite a lot of orders for Displair. We offer two options to our customers: the first is to make a 50% advance payment and to receive the device and a bonus package of applications 2000 USD worth in October 2013; the second is to pay only 1000 USD and to wait until December”, says marketing director of Displair Andrei Melnikov.

“To enter the Digital Signage market, where the requirements are very high, we have worked at Displair I starting from May 2012, after receiving the first million dollar investment. We have invited best Russian software and hardware experts. We are ready to present our results on March 5 in Hannover”, says the head of Soft R&D Artem Ushanov.

Before the release there was a six month period when specialists tested the new technologies, leased out commercial prototypes and got feedback from users and clients.

“During this period we had such clients as Russian branches of Microsoft, Intel and Google, agencies Fuse BBDD, Instinct, Grape and many others. Leasing out has become both a way to earn money and the possibility to get the opinions of the major players at CIS market”, says Andrei Melnikov. 

Spheres of use:
1. New advertising technologies.
2. Medicine.
3. Interactive and self-service kiosks.
4. New advertising technologies.
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