woensdag 18 december 2013

Christie Cuts Seams Nearly in Half with New S310 MicroTiles.


The new S310 screen option for Christie MicroTiles reduces seams to just 0.7 millimeters. Unless you’re a newbie to the AV industry or can’t read, you’ve likely heard about and seen MicroTiles in action. Combining the strengths of DLP and LED technology, Christie MicroTiles allow you to create a digital canvas using as many (or few) 16″ wide x 12″ high tiles as you want — each using 720×540 resolution rear-screen DLP imaging.

The new S310 screen from Christie now pushes the seams between MicroTiles that are stacked on top or next to one another to less than .07 millimeter thin — from 1.3 millimeters on the original S300 screen. Like the original, the S310 offers 600 nits cd/m2 brightness, has a 65,000-hour LED lamp life and uses less than 70-watts (typical) power (and 16 watts in standby).

Here are all the detailed specs of both the S300 and S310 options.

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