donderdag 19 december 2013

Mobile Applications as part of Gesture Controlled Displays.

As the inventor of video gesture controlled experiences, GestureTek has continued to innovate the ways in which the public can interact with projected images using their entire bodies. With the arrival of mobile apps, GestureTek has taken that interaction one step further by delivering an interactive attraction that allows guests to wirelessly send their digital creations from a mobile device into GestureTek's live projected display. From there, guests can walk up and interact with their projected drawings and animate them through touch.

For the first application, GestureTek created 'Art Alive!' a permanent installation for the new Crayola Experience, a hands-on family attraction, in Easton Pennsylvania. Crayola Experience's objective was to promote, encourage and inspire creative self-expression in kids of all ages through their 21 hands-on attractions. One way to encourage this creativity was through 'Art Alive!', a digital creative experience that utilized an existing Crayola app called Crayola DigiTools which allows children to create with the latest technology. By marrying Crayola DigiTools with GestureTek capabilities, it allowed digital creations to come alive in a larger than life way that was unprecedented.

We created 4 custom worlds (underwater, space, fairytale and safari) that are projected onto 4 giant 16'x9' screens. At 40 different iPad stations, kids can colour and draw an image, apply an animation to it (shrink, breakup, spin etc) and send it into the themed projection. Once a guest's creation is on the big screen, they can interact with their design by moving their body or waving their arms in front of the screen (while also making the water ripple, plants part, clouds move and animals wiggle, etc) resulting in hours of fun for the family.

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