vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Samsung Display world’s first foldable OLED display at CES2014

On a special side event during the CES-2014 at the Encore Hotel, Samsung Display showcased the world first 5.68 inch high resolution AMOLED Display which is foldable. Samsung Display plans to introduce foldable displays for their next generation categories of products. The AMOLED Display use a Plastic Substrate mad with a film-like polyimide (PI) substrate, with this material its possible to produce very very thin displays like paper. Also for the first time Samsung Display reach also the goal to integrate a TSP Touch screen function, realized with a single layer metal mesh material.
The Galaxy Round bendable AMOLED Display uses an ITO indium tin oxide film, but with ITO it is not possible to made it flexible because ITO breaks easily. The korean company need another solution an this is metal mesh material that ensures bending property.

Samsung Display plans to introduce the first foldable Display in 2015. The showcased foldable AMOLED is only a prototype, to commercialize a foldable display they need realize that the display can be folded more than 1000 of times. At the Analyst Day event Samsung Display says that we will see the first products in 2015.

This is a video from November 2010

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