donderdag 17 juli 2014

LG Display flexible-transparent OLEDs for the automotive industry.

FLexible OLED DIsplays for German Car Makers and KIA’s Premium Vehicle K900

There are rumors that LG-Display will supply flexible OLED Displays to german car manufacturers like Mercedes Daimler Benz LG has the goal to stregthen its presence in the automotive display market. In 2013 the company posted 500 billion won in sales of automotive displays. LG Display plans to deliver their displays to the market of premium vehicles.

Along with supplying displays to Europe’s premium car manufacturers including Daimler Benz since 2003, LG have recently began to supply leading global automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, KIA and GM, distinguishing ourselves in the automotive display market. In 2013 the korean company started to deliver displays for the KIA K900 for the central display device and entertainment device in the back seat. LG plans to achieve 500 million dollar in 2014 (LCD), $1 billion in 2016, and $2 billion in 2018. This would translate to 100% growth every two years. LG want to introduce also transparent OLED Displays to the car industry. With transparent and flexible OLED Display technology they can reach the goal to become the leading automotive display company. The car industry love OLEDs because they can be delivered flexible, transparent, lighter, thinner better quality than LCD DIsplays.

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