vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

'Eye contact', when the digital signage becomes emotional art.

Over 650 color pixels illuminated by 16,000 LEDs make the digital work by artist Peter Hubson called 'Eye contact' award-winning research center Wellcome Trust. A huge LED screen showing closed eyes that open and blink depending on the time or when a pedestrian or passing car.

Peter Hubson Eye Contact

Pedestrians and motorists passing through the central London street Euston Road are surprised when a giant eyes that are displayed on two screens flashing LEDs, 'look' and open when they pass in front.
This digital art work called 'Eye contact' and performed by the artist Peter HudsonRecently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, has won the Research Facility Wellcome Trust, which has installed on its fa├žade. As noted, "the proposal of Peter Hubson with 'Eye contact' answer to our growing dependence on digital displays to mediate emotional content and was inspired by his personal experience and the motivation to engage with contemporary culture."

Peter Hubson Eye Contact

This display includes more LEDs and 650 pixels 16,000 colors, reproduce enormous eyes, that open during the day and closed at night, but that flash and move when a pedestrian or car passes in front of it.
As explained by Hubson own, "the eyes are a symbol of perception and human, instantly recognizable feature, so by submitting them through a video screen very pixelated'm challenging the generally fluid recognition process . The pixelation leaves enough detail for both viewers and travelers are able to identify the eyes of the participants. "
To create eyes, Hubson used actual image files Eye staff of 68 volunteers working at the center Wellcome Trust, showing the idiosyncrasies of each individual, which can be recognized on the screen.

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