vrijdag 1 augustus 2014


Title: 12 Way Mirror
Type: Interactive Installation
Designer: Lida Theodorou
Installation Location: Playn eyewear at Boxpark pop-up mall,
Shoreditch Dates: 25th-26th July and again on the 1st-2nd August 2014 between 11am and 7pm.

INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS: THE “SOCIAL” WINDOW DISPLAY In this day and age of social media and hyper connectivity, interactive installations have become increasingly popular as innovative ways to involve and engage with target demographics. As art installations, social experiments or marketing campaigns, interactive projects are broad enough to encompass a diverse range of applications including – but not limited to – dispersal of information, multimedia entertainment, education, or user data collection.

As part of a collaborative initiative between Queen Mary University of London’s Media and Arts Technology Programme and INITION, ambitious QMUL PhD student Lida Theodorou has created an innovative window installation which uses kinetic and tracking technology to gather data on the behavioural patterns of participants of interactive window displays

As part of Theodorou’s research, she explored various examples of existing interactive installations projects to discern which best integrated a social or collaborative element, rather than single-user projects

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