woensdag 24 juni 2015

See-through screens visible inside and outside stores.

Retail designers can have the best of both worlds by using transparent in-window screens that still allow a store’s interior to be seen from outside, says supplier Crystal Display Systems (CDS).

Aiming its new modular line of LEDs at end users ranging from museums, aquariums and zoos to factories and offices as well as retail, CDS says its displays can be free-standing or ceiling-hung for maximum flexibility, and are viewable from inside and outside the building.

Just 8-10mm thick, they offer up to up to 85 percent transparency but are nevertheless powered by high-brightness LEDS of up to 6000 candelas per square metre for sunlight viewability.

The company is hoping that designers and shop-fitters as well as AV specialists will recommend them.

Said CDS managing director Chris Bartram: “The visual impact is amazing, as for the first time stores and brands can show images and messages without blocking the view to their stores, where they spend a lot of money to make them bright and inviting. Christmas promotions could be invigorated and bring stores to life.”

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