woensdag 8 juli 2015

Samsung Display Hurries to Mass Produce Mirror OLEDs

As Samsung Display has decided to bring forward the mass production of its industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels. It will start production in its A2 line from this year.

According to industry sources and the press in Hong Kong, the Chow Sang Sang Group, which has numerous large jewelry stores in Hong Kong and Macao, will introduce commercial displays using Samsung Display’s Mirror OLED panel technology in its stores. The Chow Sang Sang Group runs nearly 190 jewelry stores in China and Hong Kong.

Samsung Display’s Mirror OLED display panel has 75 percent reflectance, which is similar to actual mirrors. It will provide a digital viewing platform to help consumers vividly see themselves wearing the necklaces and earrings that they might wish to buy without actually wearing them. This augmented reality program will be created when Samsung’s Media Player is integrated with Intel’s Real Sense Solution.

Existing mirror LCD displays had about a 50 percent reflectance level, so it delivers only limited visibility. However, the Samsung Mirror Display delivers an exceptionally high 100,000:1 contrast ratio and a much faster response time at less than 1 ms than LCD transparent panels (4,000:1, 8 ms), as well as high reflectance levels.

Securing its client companies in advance, Samsung Display is moving up the mass production of its Mirror OLED display panels. The first customer is the global digital marketing agency Mirum. Mirum will sell commercial displays using Samsung’s new technology under the name “Magic Mirror 2.0” to fashion and jewelry companies, including the Chow Sang Sang Group.

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