woensdag 13 januari 2016

100 Dancing Drones Set World Record.

Watch Intel's Drone 100, a magical and elaborate airborne music and light experience created by a fleet of 100 unmanned aerial vehicles that redefines art, enabled by Intel-powered PCs and digital artists.

The team quickly created an outdoor flying drone light show syncopated to a live orchestra.

When all 100 light-equipped drones danced and painted 3D shapes and messages in sky above Hamburg in early November, a new record was born.Dubbed Drone 100, the spectacle set a Guinness World Record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously.

When video of Drone 100 was first shown during Krzanich’s CES 2016 keynote two months later, he said it redefined the fireworks experience without the inherent risks of traditional pyrotechnics.

Hoertner and his team of 15 people called the drones, “spaxels,” a hybrid of “space pixels.” He said he wanted to show how drones, known to many as weapons, can be used to create beauty and socially meaningful experiences.

The four pilots were led by Martin Morth, and each pilot controlled 25 drones as they lifted off from a soccer field in Hamburg.

But before the drones could launch from the field, engineers created software that allowed the drones to follow flight paths, turn on and off lights and move succinctly with one another to dramatic orchestra music.

This also breaks Guinness world record for having most drones up in the air at the same time and multiple drones controlled by one pilot.

Drone 100 is telecasted at CES 2016

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