woensdag 13 januari 2016

Kinetic will turn all outdoor billboards into trigger points for smartphones.

Brands will be able to use all of Kinetic Worldwide’s billboards globally to push messages to peoples’ smartphones.

The outdoor specialist’s global chief executive Mauricio Sabogal told the launch would transform all its “out of home media into interactive media”.

While billboards have been able to talk to smartphones for some time, it’s the scale that’s the selling point for Kinetic now as it increasingly sees itself asked to pitch for fully integrated accounts given the ubiquity of mobile out and inside homes.

The way it works is each screen is fitted with a hidden code, which is generatec and served dynamically using outdoor media firm’s Endeavour’s platform. What the platform does is allow for both traditional and digital creative to be tagged with one of the codes to allow passerbys to do everything from redeem loyalty points to buy goods. The codes can also be updated throughout a campaign in order to offer different call to actions or serve alternative content.

For brands, this means they can update their own apps with the code reader so that people don’t have to download another app in order to interact with the screens.

Sabogal’s dream is that eventually all billboards work with phones in this way not just those owned by Kinetic. “We want to syndicate this as a standard,” he continued. “This is my invitation to my competitors to use the same method so that the consumer knows that every time they pass a billboard there is something for them.”

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