maandag 18 juli 2016

100″ Laser-Based Projection TV

Everyone knows that the larger the screen, the more a TV costs—at least, up until now. But if Hisense makes good on its announcement a few days ago, that could change. During the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Euro soccer finals in Paris, the Chinese giant unveiled plans to produce a 100″ 4K/UHD projection system powered by a wide-angle laser light source with high-resolution lens and optical engine.

The company points out that 100″ 4K/UHD LCD TVs cost upwards of $100,000; the only examples I can think of are the Samsung UN105S9 ($120,000) and LG 105UC9V ($100,000), both of which measure 105″ diagonally with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The other way to achieve that screen size without a conventional projection system is by using an ultra short-throw (UST) projector, and the only 4K UST projector on the market is the laser-illuminated Sony LSPX-W1S, which costs $50,000—not including the screen.

Amazingly, Hisense is targeting a price around $10,000 for its system. Few other details are mentioned in the press release—such as imaging technology (possibly the new 4K DLP chip), aspect ratio (probably 16:9), HDR/WCG capabilities, whether it’s designed for front or rear projection (perhaps either), and if a screen is included in that price. In any event, it’s way less expensive than any other 4K/UHD display system that delivers a 100″ image.

As for when it might be available at retail, that’s not specified either, but gizmag is betting it’ll be sometime around IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung, the huge electronics show in Berlin, Germany) in September. Perhaps we might see it at CEDIA as well? One can hope…

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