woensdag 20 juli 2016

Employee-photo digital signage video wall.

X2O Media, a Barco company, announced that the company's X2O platform is powering an employee photo video wall in the St. Cloud, Minnesota, headquarters of technology services provider Marco Inc. With the visual communications platform providing simple content updating, the video wall has become a key element in supporting Marco's culture as the company continues to experience rapid growth, the company said.

When Marco had fewer than 100 employees, it began the tradition of hanging printed pictures of every employee — sorted by hire date — on a 30-foot-by-10-foot wall. As the company grew to more than 900 employees, however, the wall wasn't large enough and the process of sorting printed photos became cumbersome and time-consuming, according to the announcement. To keep its tradition living on, Marco looked for a solution that would accommodate the company's growth and automate the sorting process. The answer was an employee photo video wall.

Featuring 55-inch displays in a five-by-two configuration, Marco's video wall cycles through pictures of all employees — sorted by hire date — in 1920-by-1080 pixel resolution. If an employee joins or leaves the company, the photos are automatically resorted. Marco displays additional employee content, such as recognizing winners of the company's C.A.R.E. (Customers Are Really Everything) award, in a scrolling ticker below their photo. In addition, Marco can update and display its office locations as the company continues to expand geographically.

"Our employee photo video wall is an important part of Marco and has become a symbol of our culture that resonates with our employees, customers, and vendors," Marco CEO Jeff Gau said in the announcement. "On tours of our corporate headquarters, it is always a highlight. With the X2O platform, it couldn't be easier to update content on the displays and keep employee photos sorted."

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