maandag 25 juli 2016

360º Immersive Projection Mapping Experience.

“It’s Bigger On The Inside!” MIRAGE is an incredible 360º immersive audio-visual experience. The projected content takes you on a journey of colourful 3D illusions and expansive transformations. The mirrored floor and ceiling creates an all encompassing infinity effect that greatly amplifies the visual experience.

In the first week of launch at Metropolis in Metrotown, Vancouver BC, we have seen well over 1000 guests go through each day, posting hundreds of images and comments to social media channels. Mirage combines art and technology resulting in a unique experience.

For this project, Go2 Productions worked very closely with BOLD Event Creative, who originally came up with the concept and also engineered and built the structure. The collaboration between the two teams was extremely positive from start to finish, with both teams passionate and dedicated to making this a truly unique experience. Go2 was responsible for developing the technology solution and designing and producing the projected content and soundscape. A perfect partnership.

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