vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Apparatus, Fusion Festival 2014

Audiovisual installation for the main hangar stage on the Fusion Festival 2014. A site-specific object for a very special location. The shapes of the mounted sculpture are precisely designed for the projection. Combined with the projected light, the sculpture transforms the hangar into a visionary cosmos of poetic imageries. After the last concert the hangar changed into an audiovisual installation. Light and sound created an enduring transformation of the scenery.

concept art & object design: Julian Holscher
3d design & animation: Julian Holscher, Moriz Horn
3d supervision: Moriz Horn
sound: Jonas Wiese
coordination: Jonas Wiese
technical director: Frank Wagner

documentation: Jonas Wiese, Julian Holscher
edit: Julian Holscher
sound: Jonas Wiese

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