woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Projection mapping turns parliament building into a visual orgy - the winner of iMapp 2016

The second largest administrative building in the world was transformed into an eye-popping display of light during the iMapp Bucharest international Video Mapping Competition.

Limelight – winning both the Jury’s Choice and the Audience Award – worked 2.5 months on its 4.5 minute spectacular requiring 104 projectors, covering more than 23,000 sq m.

The amazingly vivid piece entitled “Interconnection” was projected on to the building of the Romanian Parliament (the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon) in front of 40,000 viewers.

According to the creator, Limelight the projection mapping shows the interconnectedness of all things from micro to macro as well as the outer and the inner universe. Conjuring emotions and feelings, the amazing display of color, light and sound aims to reopen the dialogue between the internal and the external, through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of eternal openness.

The project mapping piece is special because it not only covers the surface of the Romanian Parliament, but it also incorporates the building itself as part of the spectacle, animating parts of it in a dizzying vortex of motion that plays with the viewer’s senses.

The piece was directed by Antonin Križanić, featuring the music of AMB, entitled Set in Stone, while the sound effects were taken care by the Fine Cut Bodies. Produced by István Dávid, visual designers include Antonin Križanić and David Vígh, joined by animators Viktor Vicsek, Csaba Világos, Máté Fekete and Miklós Már. Maxin10sity was the curator.

source www.avinteractive.com

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