vrijdag 14 april 2017

18 circuits, and more than 140 racing cars - race simulator !

Immersive is the first Dutch start-up that offers animated Virtual Reality Experiences. It is extra special when all your senses involved in an experience. Virtual Reality combined with motion simulators is unique in the Netherlands. The start-up was founded by three young entrepreneurs with a passion for motorsport, business and technology. For Immersive is just crazy and we strive to be a leader of the most unique and innovative customer experiences. Innovative, enterprising and challenging; so we like to challenge others.

The hypercars sound very loud and every vibration in the car feel back in control. With an eye to detail we have selected the most realistic simulator games. Compose your own dream race together and decide how much help you need during the race. Sit down, imagine seat and terrorize the circuit with your driving skills!

Opening in Almere at april 15 th. 2017 - 12 h.

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