woensdag 12 april 2017

An easy way to change the content on Video Walls.

Some video wall solutions allow tablets or smartphones to change the content or even the configuration on a video wall in real time based on presets which can be created by an administrator. For example, in a retail environment, video walls can be used as sales tools. A video wall by default perhaps may be showing video content about the brand/store, but when needed, salespeople can showcase a specific product for a customer based on that customer’s interests.  All using a smartphone or tablet.         Administrators are able to curate the content and control what layouts and what videos are available, and then non admin staff, in this example a salesperson, can invoke that content from a smartphone or a tablet just pressing a button

This is a great example of interactivity with a clear ROI.  And it can be used in many other environments–a receptionist can change the video wall in a corporate lobby based on which guests are coming through when.  A tour guide at a museum or a someone giving campus tours can change the content on a video wall when needed to enhance the tour.

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