zondag 20 juni 2010

Commercials On Supermarket Shelves.

A New Jersey-based company, Automated Media Services, has developed a system called 3GTV which are little screens to be attached to the shelves of supermarkets aisles, which will run commercials of products carried in these stores. 3GTV will allow media agencies to buy commercial time just as they do on TV channels, and bring advertisements to the retail point of purchase, influencing shoppers at the last minute.

Unlike existing systems in stores that use TV screens at check-out counters after purchasing decisions have already been made, 3GTV screens will be installed in front of the products advertised in the commercials to ‘help’ shoppers make up their mind on a brand or product, something which AMS believes represents an advantage to the advertisers. The company hopes to transform a shopper’s experience in a supermarket with its 3GTV system and has already planned an initial test at some of the stores of the Bloom supermarket chain.

3GTv™ article in The New York Times – 6/16/10

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