zondag 31 januari 2010

Flexible e-paper.

Everybody had them or at least seen ‘em. Slap bracelets were usually made of thin piece of aluminum wrapped in fabric. Using the same form, Chocolate Agency came up with a mini multimedia device that snaps on with a slap. The entire surface is E-Paper and possesses all its thin, high contrast, power efficient qualities. The length can be adjusted by adding magnetic snaps to the ends. Best part is there’s no recharging needed. It gets all the power it needs via kinetic energy so go ahead, go slap happy." -Yanko Design

Amazing U1 Hybrid iPad from Lenovo

Here is a video about Lenovo's hybrid tablet/laptop. It's a little fancier than the iPad, has more features, and most likely will be more expensive:

The IdeaPad gives you a tablet and a PC/laptop, it is 3G and Wi-Fi enabled, and is basically two systems in one. When the tablet is connected to the laptop base, it provides the full power of a PC. The touch screen is resistive touch, not capacitive touch, but apparently it acts as if it is a capacitive touch system, if the reviewers are correct.

woensdag 27 januari 2010

Apple toont de iPad.

Bron: www.nu.nl

Op een drukbezochte persbijeenkomst in San Francisco heeft Apple woensdagmorgen (plaatselijke tijd) zoals verwacht een tabletcomputer onthuld. Het apparaat gaat iPad heten en is over twee maanden wereldwijd verkrijgbaar.Volgens Apple-topman Steve Jobs moet de iPad de plaats innemen tussen smartphones en laptops, al bleek het apparaat bovendien een geduchte concurrent te zijn van e-readers als de Kindle van Amazon.
De iPad lijkt inderdaad nog het meest op een kruising tussen een iPhone en een Macbook, de laptoplijn van het bedrijf. Het apparaat is met een aanraakscherm van 9,7 inch aanzienlijk groter dan Apples bekende telefoon, maar het gewicht van nog geen 700 gram is een stuk lager dan dat van laptops en de meeste netbooks
De iPad is straks verkrijgbaar in zes verschillende uitvoeringen. Apple verkoopt modellen met en zonder 3G-verbinding, en die zijn te koop met 16, 32 of 64 gigabyte geheugen. Zonder 3G kosten die in de Verenigde Staten 499, 599 of 699 dollar, de versies mét mobiele dataverbinding zijn 130 dollar duurder. Nederlandse prijzen zijn nog onduidelijk.

WK stadion in Kaapstad.

Bron; www.nufoto.nl
KAAPSTAD - Het WK Stadion in Kaapstad is bijna af. De eerste try-out is al gehouden. Om te zien of alles op rolletjes loopt hebben twee lokale teams een wedstrijd gespeeld op zaterdag 23 januari 2010. Maar liefst 20.000 mensen kwamen kijken naar de wedstrijd.

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Air Paddling in Castelo Branco.

YDreams' creative technologies are the driving force behind the new Environmental Interpretive Center in Portugal's central-eastern region inaugurated in July 2009, where visitors can interactively experience the natural wonders of the nearby International Tagus Natural Park.

One of the center's most singular applications gives visitors a chance to jump inside a kayak and virtually navigate the Tagus River, using the paddle as a prop to access multimedia contents superimposed onto the video projected around them.

I was also very curious to see how the interactive kayak would work. You hop on a real kayak, grab the paddle, and descend a section of the River tagus, projected right in front of you. You use the paddle to steer the kayak and can access multimedia information, when steering in specific directions. It works really well, and the fact that it is located in a separate room, with sound effects, scores points for immersion and learning.

zondag 24 januari 2010

Hyundai - Display-oplossing voor de roltrap.

Bron; invidis.mittelstandswiki
Hyundai IT zeigt auf der ISE Display-Lösung für Rolltreppen
Sie finden Hyundai IT in Amsterdam auf der ISE 2010 in Halle 11, Stand 11I27
Mit einem Fokus auf Digital Signage Lösungen wird Hyundai IT seine umfangreiche Produktpalette in Halle 11 präsentieren. Zu den Messe-Highlights gehören Outdoor Displays mit transflektiven Panels, LED Backlight und Anti-Graffiti Beschichtung.

Multi-touch on Ice.

Ik dacht dat ik wel zo'n beetje alle multi-touch installies gezien had :-) maar hier is weer eens zo'n overwachte verrassing : Ubice installation.

GestureTek's Interactive game's.

Controle the action by moving your head
"Video gesture control pioneer GestureTek., unveiled its new Momo™ Software Development Kit for game developers and original equipment manufacturers at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Gesture recognition software tracks motion and objects such as faces and hands and brings immersive, gesture-based interactivity to multiple platforms, such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, toys and other devices. The video is a demonstration of a head-butting soccer game."

donderdag 21 januari 2010

LG gaat verder met flexible display's.

LG Display has announced its development of a newspaper-size flexible e-paper. The 19-inch wide (250x400mm) flexible e-paper is almost as big as a page of A3 sized newspaper. The product is optimised for an e-newspaper and able to convey the feeling of reading an actual newspaper. Additionally, as the product measures 0.3 millimeters thin, the e-paper weighs just 130 grams despite its 19-inch size.

Meanwhile LG Display plans to launch mass production of an 11.5-inch flexible e-paper display in the first half of 2010.

LG Display cited DisplaySearch saying that the e-book market will grow from approximately US$370 million in 2009 to US$1.2 billion in 2011 and to US$1.73 billion in 2015.

Way back in 2007, the then LG.Philips was one of the first company to demonstrate such technology.
Meer info hier

maandag 18 januari 2010

Intel - intelligent digital signage.

Hoe Intel de toekomst in-gaat vullen.

Fotoshot januari.

vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Gat in de Video wall

Gespot in een winkel op CentrO - Oberhausen / Duitsland.
Een video wall met een gaatje.

woensdag 13 januari 2010

LG's 15-inch OLED TV.

Meet the 15-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV. The ultra-slim TV — it has a thickness of 3.2 millimeters — was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show last week.

OLEDs are an attractive alternative to traditional LCDs because they consume less power, display colors better, and can be thinner and lighter. Most major display makers are looking to offer OLED screens, but few have brought large OLEDs to market. In 2007, Sony first introduced an OLED display, the Sony XEL-1, which cost a whopping $2,500 for a mere 11-inch display. Other companies such as Samsung are showing prototypes.

LG is among the first to start selling an OLED TV. LG’s 15-inch TV is water resistant so it can housed in high humidity areas including the bathroom, says the company.

The TV can be wall mounted or set on the countertop but that beauty still comes at a price: The 15-inch OLED TV will cost about $2,000.
you wouldn’t want to mount this TV on the wall since you would need to be standing right in front of it to see anything. And therein lies one major identity problem: the slimness is perfect for mounting on the wall but the size is far-from-perfect for that purpose

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Lenovo Ideapad U1: netbook+tablet

Lenovo verbaasde, op de CES beurs in Las Vegas, met een hybride tussen netbook en tablet. De netbook heeft een afneembaar 12 inch scherm, dat dankzij een eigen processor en alternatief besturingssysteem ook zelfstandig als tablet werkt. Hij ziet er ook fraai uit. Een mooie innovatie voor wie moeilijk kan kiezen tussen laptop of tablet. Hij kost wel duizend dollar, het dubbele van Lenovo's flinterdunne netbook Skylight. Maar de U1 biedt wellicht het beste van beide werelden.

maandag 11 januari 2010

Australia - 30 superscreens in 24 shopping centres.

Australia’s digital media company, Val Morgan Retail Media, has embarked on a multi-million dollar investment to install 30 superscreens in 24 shopping centres across the country and to double its network to more than 80 shopping centres with over 440 digital panels.

Val Morgan is working with a number of shopping centre companies including Centro and AMP to launch the superscreens, a new indoor digital format measuring up to four metres. The first superscreen will be installed at Sydney’s Centro Bankstown, followed by The Glen in Melbourne.

YouTube Promotes Its New “Shows” Section With Interactive Storefront Ad.

Monster Media UK, PHD and Hyperspace, the innovations division of Posterscope UK, have teamed up to devise a new street-level interactive ad for YouTube.

The linked LCD-based digital display is located on Carnaby Street, in the heart of Soho’s busiest retail and entertainment area and features user touch interaction and sound capabilities.

Pedestrians are encouraged to take control of the ad by selecting a video clip from one of five popular programs, including: “Father Ted,” “Derren Brown,” “The IT Crowd,” “Peep Show” and “Shameless”. Once a segment is touch activated, the system transforms into a screen displaying teasers from the show.

The new street-level display is part of a broad marketing campaign – including bus sides, tube panels, full-page print ads, and online videos – by YouTube to promote its new “shows” section, bringing together full length programmes and clips from YouTube’s professional content partners.

The installation will be monitored and mantained by Monster Media, which will also track the number of times the system is activated, providing YouTube with a tangible ROI

3D-TV zenders.

Bron; www.hifi.nl

In de VS kunnen de komende jaren tenminste twee dedicated 3D-televisiezenders bekeken worden. Sportzender ESPN begint deze zomer een kanaal met driedimensionale beelden. Sony zal in 2012 een soortgelijk initiatief lanceren.

ESPN wil in elk geval voor de start van het WK Voetbal van start gaan. Sony zal voor het opzetten van een 3D televisiekanaal gaan samenwerken met IMAX en Discovery Channel. Sony heeft in elk geval al aangekondigd dat het televisierechten zal verlenen voor haar huidige en toekomstige 3D-films, en dat ze het nieuwe 3D kanaal gaan promoten via de 13 televisiezenders die ze bezitten. IMAX, dat als beeldspecialist voor de beeldaanpassingen zal gaan zorgen, gaat de zender promoten in zijn bioscopen. In beide gevallen is de gedachte dat het beschikbaar komen van een 3D televisiekanaal de verkoop van 3D-ready apparatuur moet stimuleren.

donderdag 7 januari 2010

Samsung 14" transparant OLED Labtop.

Nieuws vanaf de CES Beurs / USA.

wait'll you get a hold of Samsung Mobile Display's prototype 14-inch notebook -- complete with what's being touted as the world's first and largest transparent OLED prototype. When the thing is off, the panel is up to 40 percent transparent (as opposed to the industry average of below twenty-five percent).

Microsoft laat tabletcomputer zien.

Bron; www.nu.nl

Op de elektronicabeurs CES in Las Vegas heeft Microsoftbaas Steve Ballmer een aantal zogenoemde tablet-pc's gepresenteerd. HP is een van de partners.
Net als de 'iSlate' van Apple, die naar verwachting nog eind deze maand het licht moet zien, is de Windows-tablet toegesneden op multimedia. Gebruikers kunnen op het apparaat films bekijken, muziek luisteren, spelletjes spelen, internetten en digitale boeken, kranten en tijdschriften lezen, zo is het idee.

De hardware zal draaien op het nieuwe Windows 7. Ballmer presenteerde woensdagnacht (Nederlandse tijd) een aantal schermen, waaronder een van partner HP. Tijdens de korte demo werd ook duidelijk dat de tablet zal worden voorzien van de Kindle-software van Amazon om boeken te lezen. Over prijzen en beschikbaarheid is nog niets bekend.

woensdag 6 januari 2010

Een winkelcentrum aan de andere kant van de wereld.

Shoppingmall SoutPark North Carolinwas, USA,
I was at the Southpark Mall in Charlotte yesterday and noticed that screens of all sizes were everywhere I went. I happened to have my little HD video camera with me and thought I'd share what came across my path.

Most of what I saw wasn't too innovative or interactive. Many of the smaller video displays were located on the market karts in the main traffic areas of the mall. Scattered about the mall are cozy living-room like areas, with comfy couches, WiFi access, and in on spot, a few large-screen HD televisions, perfect for watching sports or the news while other members of your social/family network do some serious shopping. I especially liked the infomercial about North Carolina's beaches around Wilmington.
was at the Southpark Mall in Charlotte yesterday and noticed that screens of all sizes were everywhere I went. I happened to have my little HD video camera with me and thought I'd share what came across my path.

There are too many talking head screens in the mall. Make them interactive, add some value, and see what might happen, especially if you want to target reluctant shoppers like myself.
Een kijkje in de plaatselijke Apple store.

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Heerlijke beelden !!

Ook zo'n trek gekregen in een lekker bakje koffie ??

a 10-inch touchscreen pico projector based on lasers

Thanks to Niels / bron www.engadget.com
They promised us a device in 2010 and sure enough, Light Blue Optics just announced Light Touch. As the name implies, LBO's product is a laser projector that turns any flat surface into an auto-focused and image-adjusted 10-inch touchscreen with WVGA resolution thanks to its laser- (not LED) based pico projection engine dubbed HLP (holographic laser projection) and infrared touch-sensing system. Light Touch runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and includes WiFi and Bluetooth radios, 2GB of on-board storage (with microSD slot for up to 32GB more), and a battery capable of about 2-hours worth of runtime.

maandag 4 januari 2010

Sony wants to launch flexible OLEDs.

Sony wants to launch flexible OLEDs "as soon as possible"
It seems that Sony are very serious about printed flexible OLEDs. In June 2009, they have created a group whose goal is to launch the flexible OLED panel business "as soon as possible". They had several researchers working on organic TFT in several departments in Sony, and now they all work in the same group. Sony wants to 'change the fundamental design of equipment" using the new flexible displays. They have already shown us flexible-OLED prototypes (photo abovce, and video below), and some cool concept designs. Hopefully we'll hear more at CES 2010 next week.

Hermes window display illusion.

Cool video installation created by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka for Maison Hermès store in Japan.
The window is designed with an image of woman projected on to a monitor. The scarf softly sways in the air in response to the woman’s blow.
Note that covering your windows with window treatments can add a touch of elegance to your interiors.