zondag 28 februari 2010

Hacker’s Attack on Moscow LED Screens.

For a journalist there is nothing better than scandal. But the topic on LED screens and applications is technical, flat and dull. That’s how it was until now. Suddenly a very scandalous and juicy topic was supplied to us by the recent event in the Russia’s capital. On two LED screens in downtown Moscow the indecent video clips were shown.
In the evening of January 14, 2010, two huge outdoor LED screens overlooking the Moscow’s major avenue, the Garden Ring, were playing pornographic clips for nearly half an hour causing a great amusement among drivers and passenger and great indignation among the city authorities. In spite of the late hour and fairly light traffic, the unusual spectacle immediately created a traffic jam: numerous spectators decided to stop and take a memorable photo of the LED screens displaying enormous pictures of questionable and obviously illegal nature.
An outdoor LED screen is a computer-driven device. It retains therefore all the advantages and shortcomings of the installed software. The absolute majority of outdoor LED screens (especially those manufactured in China) are controlled by standard Microsoft programs which are rather vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. A specialist needs only to invest a certain amount of time and efforts to hack a website of some company or institution. However most such attacks remain anonymous and unseen. To gain access to a public LED screen makes much more sense since the results are clear for everyone to see.

Waarom geen LED ??

Bron; www.sign.nl
Op een van de drukste knooppunten van Nederland is sinds kort letterlijk 'extra hoge' exposurewaarde aanwezig. Pal naast het Prins Clausplein bij Den Haag zijn twee mega reclamemasten geplaatst. Extra opvallend zijn de ronddraaiende bovenste gedeeltes van de driezijdige masten.

De opdrachtgever betrok Blomsma Print & Sign in een vroeg stadium om het reclamegedeelte van de masten te ontwikkelen. Blomsma Print & Sign realiseerde twee driezijdige grote roterende reclamedragers.
De constructie van de reclamedrager is zodanig ontwikkeld dat met minimale kosten de meer dan 108 vierkante meter grote reclamedoeken eenvoudig en snel gewisseld kunnen worden. Blomsma Print & Sign verzorgt de complete uitvoering van de reclames. Van ontwerp en productie tot aan plaatsing van de doeken, inclusief opslag en coördinatie.

Launch of Belgian Agency Target In.

Bron; http://en.ooh-tv.com
Target In, a new ad-sales agency aggregating digital signage networks in Benelux has just been launched (NB – the site goes online next week). It starts off with 7,000 screens in Belgium and 25,000 screens in the Netherlands, installed in fitness centres, retail outlets, bars & restaurants, motorway service stations, entertainment centres etc…

The first campaign will be to launch a new range – Dove Men+Care (Unilever), in collaboration with Kinetic and Mindshare. Spots showing the new range of “shower-gel products for men” will be shown on screens in Passage Fitness First centres in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The digital campaign will be accompanied by a one-year sales promotion campaign – shower-gel dispensers in the men’s changing rooms will be branded Dove Men+Care, and those in the ladies’ changing rooms will be branded Dove Go Fresh & Dove Natural.

LG eXpo GW820 met Pico Projector.

The LG Expo cell phone comes with an (almost) built-in projector.

Hyundai op de CeBIT.

Mit einem Fokus auf Digital Signage Lösungen wird der südkoreanische Monitor- und Display-Hersteller Hyundai IT auch dieses Jahr wieder seine umfangreiche Produktpalette auf der CeBIT im Planet Reseller in Halle 14 präsentieren. Zu den Messe-Highlights gehören Outdoor Displays mit transflektiven Panels, LED Backlight und Anti-Graffiti Beschichtung, Public Displays mit Bewegungssensoren und Auto-Helligkeitssensoren, die den Stromverbrauch reduzieren.
Weitere herausragende Produkte von Hyundai IT sind Displays mit extrem schmalen Rahmen und eine clevere Display-Lösung für Rolltreppen, die neben werblichen auch gesundheitsrelevante Aspekte berücksichtigt: der Adcalator. Außerdem zeigt das Unternehmen stereoskopische 3D-Displays als Videowand-Konfiguration.
(HYUNDAI IT auf der CeBIT 2010: Halle 14, Stand 58)

zaterdag 27 februari 2010


6rounds.com is where the online meets the offline - 6rounds is a live meeting point, offering users a variety of experiences that they enjoy together using a combination of webcams, real-time games, social activities and media engagements."
If I had time, I might like to play around with GixOO, the opensource API that underpins 6rounds. GixOO has the potential for developers to develop games and activities. The application allows the users to track each other as they move their mice, and also enables people to see the same things as their friends as they interact online.

donderdag 25 februari 2010

Nieuwe BenQ LED-monitoren.

Bron; www.fan.tv

BenQ's nieuwe V-serie onderscheidt zich in zijn klasse door de toonaangevende slankheid van de behuizing (slechts 14 tot 15 mm), uiterste energiezuinigheid en ongeëvenaarde dynamische contrastratio (10 miljoen:1 ).

Het gaat om de volgende formaten en type-nummers:
• 18,5” breedbeeld – V920
• 21,5” breedbeeld – V2220 / V2220H
• 24,0” breedbeeld – V2420
De veeleisende consument van vandaag zal de mogelijkheden van de V-serie monitoren zeker waarderen met de mogelijkheid om direct beeld te krijgen bij het aanzetten, ook een voordeel van LED technologie. De LED-backlight technologie zorgt ervoor dat ook donkere zeer bewegende beelden haarscherp en helder worden weergegeven. Dit omdat er geen enkele lichtlekkage is en door de zeer hoge dynamische contrastratio. De LED-monitoren bieden heldere witkleuren, intense zwartkleuren en daarnaast bijna oneindig veel kleurenvariaties op het 250-nit scherm.

3D in het klaslokaal !

Recently several companies have unveiled 3D DLP projector systems. Why 3D in the classroom?
To provide students with immersive learning experiences, according to information from a press release from Texas Instruments:
DLP Technology Enhances Interactive Learning by Demonstrating Industry's Only 3D-Enabled Single-Projector: "Immersive learning provided by 3D displays shown to increase test scores, close the gender gap and increase knowledge retention."
Here are a few quotes from the students who had a chance to try out a 3D learning experience in their classroom:

"I think it would really stay in your brain more, because you're having fun with it."
"It's really interactive and exciting"
"It lets you focus on the details of it."
"Book work is boring. (With 3D) you get into it...and then you can play back that picture in your mind when you're taking a test" - Student, Rock Island,

3D Enabled Projectors
-Texas Instruments

maandag 22 februari 2010

Tandarts bekijkt het ook in 3D.

The new Lava chairside oral scanner (C.O.S.) from diversified technology company 3M, captures highly detailed images of the teeth, replacing traditional putty impression taking which is uncomfortable and less accurate. Cosmetic work to improve patients’ smiles, by fixing the gaps and irregularities in their teeth, is made more comfortable, quicker and more accurate than ever before.
London based,dentist, Ilan Preiss, said that patients scanned using his Lava COS love to see their teeth in 3D, and are walking away with ‘more beautiful smiles’ as a result of its accuracy.

Find out more about the Lava C.O.S. 3D

Banana Republic Sneak Peek.

Sneak Peek was an interactive window installation in Banana Republic's flagship London store.Users could run their hand across the window to spin a projected carousel of looks from the forthcoming collection.
Osmotronic worked on all elements of the project including art direction, software development and installation.

Banana Republic Sneak Peek from Osmotronic on Vimeo.

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Out of Home --> voor Steve !!

Op Adland kun je meer lezen over deze stunt uit 2006. Een reclame actie van Court TV in de VS.

donderdag 18 februari 2010

Aida’s Ancient Egypt recreated at the Moscow International House of Music.

One of the world’s favourite opera masterpieces – Aida - is among the most popular works by Giuseppe Verdi. In October Aida was performed in a very original form on the stage of the Moscow International House of Music (MMDM). It was the first time the famous opera, which has been performed for 140 years, was accompanied by unique large-scale projections created by 360Project Company. Svetlanov Hall of MMDM was full of the spirit and icons of Ancient Egypt. The installation included two Christie Roadster S+20K, two Christie HD10K-M alongside slide projectors.

Volgende generatie eReaders.

As the current set of eReaders such as Kindle and its peers settle in, developers are looking to improve with a further generation of products. The next generation will certainly include larger, colour screens and semi-conductor firm Qualcomm is tackling this with a Biomimetic display technology it calls Mirasol. Biomimetics is a branch of technology that mimics naturally occurring phenomena to solve problems.
In the case of the Mirasol display, Qualcomm is copying the way that colours manifest on the wings of butterflies. Other common examples of biomimicry include such things as Velcro and low friction materials.Mirasol displays are interferometric modulator displays (IMODs), a type of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) that use a tiny moving reflective surface to change colour states.
Qualcomm has already demonstrated at 5.7” version of its device, and says it is developing a 10” display at the moment. It expects that products using the technology will be shipping by the end of this year.

This video shows how the technology works:

dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Max is koning.

Een grap van een paar jaar geleden.
Ik kwam hem toevallig weer tegen.
Lach even mee.!!

maandag 15 februari 2010

Olympische Augmented Reality.

Yahoo! has deployed an installation mixing digital signage and augmented reality in its Fancouver zone (an entertainment centre created and run by the Internet brand in Vancouver during the Olympic Games).

Passers-by in front of the screen can see images of themselves augmented with accessories in the spirit of the Winter Games and/or branded by Yahoo! (helmets, ski-glasses, ski-hats, etc.)

zaterdag 13 februari 2010

USA: Visa 3D Campaign, by CBS Outdoor.

•USA: CBS Outdoor and N4D Launch 3D Projection Display in New York’s Grand Central Station.

woensdag 10 februari 2010

Twitter variant.

SenseCam is a wearable digital camera that is designed to take photographs passively, without user intervention, while it is being worn. Unlike a regular digital camera or a cameraphone, SenseCam does not have a viewfinder or a display that can be used to frame photos. Instead, it is fitted with a wide-angle (fish-eye) lens that maximizes its field-of-view. This ensures that nearly everything in the wearer’s view is captured by the camera, which is important because a regular wearable camera would likely produce many uninteresting images. SenseCam typically takes a picture every 30 seconds, although this is user-configurable. The maximum rate of capture is one image every 5 seconds. With a 1Gb storage card fitted inside the device, it is capable of storing over 30,000 images which in practical terms is a week or two’s worth of pictures. When the internal storage is full, the images must be downloaded to a PC.

dinsdag 9 februari 2010

The World's Biggest Signpost.

"This gigantic, interactive signpost sponsored by Nokia Ovi Maps in the form of a dynamically rotating electronic LED screen allows passers-by to send in their favorite location and coordinates via text or email. The giant pointer, hung on a 60 ton construction on height of 50m, then automatically rotates to the given direction and displays the submitted description to the world."

on Vimeo.

maandag 8 februari 2010


Bron; Gizmodo
Alleen voor Iphone gebruikers, e-graffiti projectie op gebouwen

The instructions are on F.A.T. website the application for your iphone is here and you have to buy the hardware, cables, projector in order to start projecting as the video demonstrates.

Fat Tag, Meet Projector from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Het zesde zintuig.

Dit gaat wel heel erg ver...neem de tijd voor deze video ( 14 min.) het is zeker de moeite waard.

Mobile Wearable Interface and Gesture Interaction (for the price of a cell phone?!) Sixth sense allows you to use ANY surface for interaction, and can provide you relevant information about whatever is in front of you. This would be a great feature for people with disabilities and in the future might also function as a cognitive prosthesis.

DISPLAX™ Optimus Concept Store.

DISPLAX™ Optimus Concept Store Casa da Música (Porto - Portugal)A media Experience Block into the centre of the 400 m2 space, moving all shopping functions into a single device and allowing unimpeded views of the sweeping concrete forms making up both the external walls as well as the raised of Casa da Música.

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

HP has showed its “wall of touch”.

Bron; www.inavateonthenet.net

HP has showed off its “wall of touch”, a massive contact-less touchscreen, to the Wall Street Journal in New York. The modular screen, that uses optical cameras and a magnetic strip to detect when users are nearing the wall, was originally developed following a request from the company’s public relations firm and is set to be rolled out in 2011. Read on for video content.
The wall can comprise up to nine 43”, 1.5” thick panels with a resolution of 1080p. It is driven by an H-P Z800 workstation and allows users to access cable feeds, satellite feeds, download and stream content from the web and view DVR and DVD content.The product will be available to customers in 2011 and but is set to cost any where between $2,000 to $100,000, according to the newspaper’s website. The report added that future systems were expected to incorporate additional features such as HD videoconferencing.
Bron; news.cnet.com

Remember the CueCat--the quirky bar code reader that was going to connect magazine readers with digital material?
Well, apparently Microsoft does too. And while the CueCat meowed into obscurity, the software maker thinks that the idea made sense--that is, using a digital scanner to link printed materials with online content.
You can think of Microsoft Tag as CueCat 2.0, though this time, it doesn't require a special device. Instead, Microsoft tags use a cell phone camera for scanning the bar code, and the digital content can pop up right there on the phone. Over the past year, Microsoft tags have started showing up in magazines and newspapers. Tags can also be placed on business cards, products, and even large outdoor signs.