donderdag 30 april 2015

Generative visualized data at Rome Diesel Flagship store.

Apparel retailer Diesel opened a flagship store in Rome last fall that included an entry area dominated by an immersive video wall running content from a German digital artist.

The abstract digital display, reports GDR UK“draws from geographical data taken from maps of Rome. Its colour, growth and movement is based upon the use of #rome and #POSTroma across online sites.”

“Each time the hashtags are used on Twitter, a unique response will be displayed in-store. A screenshot of that in-store digital display is then sent in real-time to the person who tweeted.”

“A specially programmed algorithm created by Fischer generates a haiku poem and a striking screenshot of the in-store visual display in real-time, both of which are delivered directly to the Twitter account of each interacting individual.”

 The installation ran for three months.

woensdag 29 april 2015

The Voxbox

A kickstarter project

Holographic Optical Technologies is bringing professional-grade holography to the consumer market through Kickstarter. Our holograms are true, three-dimensional sculptures of light that float in space in front of our Voxbox viewers.
For more videos on exactly how our technology works, visit our website:

Blimping over Cheltenham Festival.


CORAL unveiled a digital blimp above Cheltenham Festival, broadcasting live odds and race results whilst also delivering a live aerial feed to Channel 4.

The betting company took over the sky at the recent Cheltenham Festival, having tethered a 20m blimp 500ft above Cheltenham Racecourse with screens serving live odds. The Coral Digital Blimp, created by innovations agency CURB in partnership with Aerial Camera Systems, could be seen for more than 10 miles around the racecourse. It sported 6m x 1.2m LED screen on both sides, broadcasting live odds and race results in realtime. Broadcaster Channel 4 took a live aerial feed from the blimp which used a new lightweight flexible screen technology. Called FlexLED, this allowed digital screens capable of showing realtime content to be wrapped around everything from buildings to hot air balloons. The result is large format and high resolution digital screens of any shape and size, which can be placed anywhere.

The digital blimp is the first of a number of digital aircraft and building wraps being developed in 2015 by CURB Media, with a fully wrapped digital blimp scheduled to fly later this year.

dinsdag 28 april 2015

The objective is to bring joy.

We deployed Catchyoo floor interactive systems in multiple schools so that kids can enjoy a richer experience while burning calories, indoor.
The Catchyoo installations use artificial intelligence which brings life to projected 3D animals. They react to kids touch. They follow the kids, escape them when the motions are too sudden. Some species do not like that kids touch their tails and react in consequence.

LG Electronics Actively Release 55 inch UHD OLED TV, Begins Intense Competition with UHD LCD.

LG Electronics’ 55 inch UHD curved OLED TV, soon to be released, have been revealed on USA’s ( in the 3rd week of April for the first time. With the price of US$ 5,499, it is US$ 3,500 lower than 65 inch UHD curved OLED TV (US$ 8,999), and US$ 1,500 higher than Samsung Electronics’ equivalent 55 inch curved SUHD TV (US$ 3,998).

Comparing LG Elec.’s 55 inch curved FHD OLED TV and 55/65 inch curved UHD OLED TV with Samsung’s equivalent LED TV and SUHD TV in terms of price on in the 3rd week of April, the price difference are shown to be approx. US$ 1,100 for 55 inch FHD, US$ 1,500 in 55 inch UHD, and US$ 4,000 for 65 inch UHD.

The release price for this 55 inch UHD curved OLED TV is more reasonable than previously released models and future market for next generation TV is expected to be fierce; 55 inch FHD curved OLED TV was released at US$ 15,000, and 65 inch UHD curved OLED TV was at US$ 12,000, which were more than twice the price of LCD TV of equal specification.

As the price of FHD curved OLED TV is falling by approx. 60% annually since its release, UBI Research’s White OLED Display Annual Report (published on April 15) forecast that UHD curved OLED TV will be able to compete with Samsung’s SUHD TV in terms of price if they can achieve FHD OLED TV level of yield.

On the other hand, during the 1st OLED KOREA Conference, LG Display revealed that FHD OLED TV panel yield rate exceeded 80% and that they are aiming for 80% of yield for UHD OLED TV panel by the end of 2015.

maandag 27 april 2015

Platform to Connect.

Exterion Media is proud to present the next generation in digital cross-track screens. Developed in collaboration with NEC Display Solutions, DX3 gives advertisers a platform to connect with young, affluent, and tech-savvy urbanites.

Video  here

Find out more here.

vrijdag 24 april 2015

Volvo Pop-Up Shop Interactive Retail Window Game.

Creative technology agency Knit ( has designed a fun, interactive and compelling retail window display for Volvo.

It encourages shoppers to 'connect' with a brand new Volvo V40, on show inside the pop-up shop, by playing a light pattern memory game. When the shopper repeats the pattern correctly on the touch window, an LED trail lights up to connect them to the car.

The interactive projection screen consists of:

- a 50" Pro Display 'Clearview' holographic rear projection film.

- and a Pro Display interactive dual touch foil.

Rise of New York Skyline.

In the new World Trade Center in New York, visitors to the vantage Observatory experience in the future a special elevator ride to the floor 102. As soon as the doors close on the ground and start climbing up, LCD screens take over. The digital displays create a view outside of Manhattan Iceland. The highlight: The journey begins in 1500 in the open, without development and results in fast motion through the development of the city until 2014, the date of the completion of the new World Trade Center. Even the familiar pinstripe look of the old building is part of the trip. One of the Twin Towers appeared in historical context on the screen and disappears again in 2001.

Nine 75 "HD LCD displays provide the illusion. Webs, which seem like window crosses, reinforce the impression in a glass elevator with open views to go outside.

More info here

donderdag 23 april 2015

Leumi bank maazan event 2015 / Israël.

Pure visuals played for an artistic song item on giant curved 30m led screen, a top led half ring & Led cubes sliding from the ceiling to the stage ground.

Client: Leumi Bank israel
Event: MAAZAN (Balance meeting) 2015
Animation Studio: WWW.LOCOMOTION.CO.IL 
Design by: Itay wolfson & Kathy Ray
Animation by: Omer Vexler & Dorian Natan
Song by: Marina Maximilian Bluemin & Ninet Tieb
Director: Amit Fisher

3 Samsung DB48D's.

3 Samsung DB48D's being synchronized via EngagePHD. Samsung supports up to 50 displays on the same LAN being synchronized.

Ping HD Samsung DB48D and external RF Source.

woensdag 22 april 2015

OUCHHH Video Mapping Reel.

OUCHHH is an Istanbul-based independent design studio with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital and motion graphics and sound design. A multidisciplinary creative hub focused on new media platforms, offering direction and art direction and also producing video mapping projections. Skilled in animation, design, illustration, 3D, 2D, interactivity, interaction and live-action -and seamlessly combining some or all of these- OUCHHH consider each project as a challenge and takes a fresh and unique approach to each other.

Here comes the wide-opened reel where a lot of great projects were combined. It’s hard to say, are they all different in the approach to realization. But all of them are truly professional and dedicated to their passion in new media sphere. And the lack of information about OUCHHH makes them more attractive…

OUCHHH has partnerships in Barcelona and Munich and also collaborate with different teams nationally and internationally.

Specialties: Animation, Motion Graphics, 3d Projection Mapping, A/V Performance, Interaction Design.

dinsdag 21 april 2015

Ikea - The Concept Kitchen.

During the Milan Design Week, IKEA presents their concept for kitchen in the future. In the exhibition in Navigli, the brand showcases an interaction system to help people organize their food ingredients and make cooking advise.

More information at here and here

maandag 20 april 2015

Kentucky Derby to run on world's biggest 4K LED video board.


The greatest two minutes in sports, the annual Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky., runs the first Saturday in May — and this Saturday the country's biggest horse race will run on the world's biggest 4K LED digital signage video board.
Derby home Churchill Downs earlier this week unveiled what the video board's builder, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions, claims is the world's largest 4K ultra-high-definition LED video board. The 170-foot-tall video screen, "The Big Board," is the fruit of a $12 million investment by the Downs.

The mammoth display screen measures 171-feet wide by 90-feet tall, and sits 80 feet above the ground with active display area of 15,224 square feet.
That's perhaps not quite as large as the Texas Motor Speedway's "Big Hoss," which was recently certified as the biggest high-definition video board in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, according to (That doesn't mean The Big Board isn't still the world's largest ULTRA-high-definition video board.) The 108-ton Big Hoss measures roughly 218 feet wide and 125 feet tall (including support structure), coming in at 20,633.64 square feet (or about half an acre). But it is bigger than the famous display in "Jerry World," AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

You can hear the 24,000-plus in the crowd react to the first showing of The Big Board at the opening of the Spring Meet in this video.

Ferrari creates immersive showroom experience via augmented reality.

Ferrari's augmented reality app
Ferrari’s augmented reality app
Ferrari Australasia is changing its consumers’ showroom visits with an augmented reality application that allows immediate customization and an in-depth look at the vehicles.
Consumers will be able to see the car in a specific color, with certain rims and more options that complete the new showroom walkaround. Integrating digital into a showroom allows frontline sales people from Ferrari to provide more detailed information and connect with consumers through more mediums.
“Most high end supercar showrooms such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari et al, can come across a bit intimidating experience for a potential customer, this technology not only connects the Ferrari brand in an innovative way, but it is a friendly, engaging way to lead the customer from the showroom floor to the showroom’s configurator where they can ‘spec’ up and customize further their dream Ferrari,” said Tim Jardine, executive produce at zspace, Sydney.
Ferrari Australasia’s Augmented Reality app was developed by zspace. Australasia includes Oceania and parts of South Asia.

Different perspectives 
The app currently works for five vehicles, the 458 Speciale and Spider, the FF, the F12 Berlinetta and the California T. The app is only available in Australasia, but will be introduced to the American markets at the Inside AR conference in San Francisco this May.
As a showroom tool this app requires salespeople to walk around with tablets and use it to show off the features of the car. Ferrari consumers are often in-tune with the car’s features, but the augmented reality experience allows them to physically see aspects found inside the vehicle.
The app uses the tablet’s camera to scan the car and determine which model the consumer is viewing to render an image on the screen.

The walkaround for the car is in seven steps through the app. Consumers can see the car while driving to learn about its aerodynamics, look inside the automobile at its mechanics and design its external features.

For instance, instead of consumers looking through the vehicle’s brochure to see the options for the wheels, they are able to see it on the car immediately.

Once completed, consumers are able to save their customized car and email the video to friends and family. The app allows consumers to record a 15-second video to send as a file.

“Recently when a potential customer test drove the 458 Italia from the Sydney Dealership, the salesman said we have the 458 Speciale which is being prepared for its new owner who is collecting it the following day,” Mr. Jardine said. “The salesman was able to show his client the sold 458 Speciale and cycle through the various external color options and more importantly the racing stripe options available straight after the test drive.

“The customer took away a slice of that customizing experience and was able to share with his friends and family how his future Ferrari was going to look like,” he said.

“The customer stood next to the sold 458 Speciale whilst the salesman was recording and within 15 seconds he had a video clip on his smartphone with his car in his three favorite colors and strip options. From a marketing and brand experience this was a powerful moment the salesman was able to control. At that point it becomes an emotional connection with the customer.”

Slow change
Ferrari is not the only automaker using augmented reality to enhance its showroom.

British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has also unveiled a new way to launch an upcoming vehicle through augmented reality technology that allows consumers to experience the model prior to its release date.

This initiative was in the 117 Land Rover retailers in the United Kingdom and allowed consumers to see the new car prior to its Jan. 22 release. The technology requires consumers to wear a headset that creates three-dimensional view of the New Discovery Sport, which allows consumers to have an insight to the new product and also builds the anticipation for Land Rover (see story).

Similarly, German automaker Porsche equipped dealers with an augmented reality iPad application for the Porsche Panamera that immerses interested consumers in the vehicle’s capabilities.

When hovering the iPad over a vehicle, the app synchronizes with markers that lead to stills, text, video and animation to give consumers a full sense of what the vehicle offers. The app coincided with the release of the Panamera in the Middle East, aiming to increase exposure in eight countries (see story).

Augmented reality changes the consumer’s experience and might resonate with the those looking at several brands before purchasing.

“Every Ferrari showroom has a configurator which is a fancy monitor in the Atelier’s room where a customer or potential customer can build their dream car,” Mr. Jardine said. “Everything from the stitching inside, the leather colors, carbon fiber options to name a few options, you can ‘spec’ up your car on the Dealers configurator.

“The app is the link or bridge that takes the customer from the showroom floor and into the Atelier room but still have an amazing experience understanding the technology behind every Ferrari model such as the braking system, the engine and aerodynamics to name a few,” he said.

donderdag 16 april 2015

Video Display embedded in magazine page.

Something like this has been done before, but it’s been a while and undoubtedly this stab at putting an LCD screen in a printed magazine is a step ahead.

In this case, Chevy’s agency has worked with a tech company to put a video player on a page, embedded in an ad, in 10,000 copies of Popular Mechanics and Esquire. The spots target potential buyers of Chevy Colorado trucks.

No cost was provided but the Ad Age story about it concedes the unit cost was high. On the other hand, it gets lotsa earned media (fancy way of saying free buzz) and probably generates quite a surprise among many of those readers.

It’s interesting stuff, though I wonder what the battery life is for the display. Presumably very limited. But it shows how a screen could be embedded in a print poster, and that could have a larger battery embedded somewhere.

Mac Viva Glam on The Wall @ Westfield

woensdag 15 april 2015

Dance X Tech

"Pixel: A Mesmerizing Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection">Pixel: A Mesmerizing Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection

dinsdag 14 april 2015

Projection Mapping, the entertainment revolution !

Artists are constantly developing their ideas or new tools to create big effects on stage. Today there is one technology more innovative than others. Projection mapping is “The” technology who helps to expand ideas of artists and show directors.

A good projection mapping can transform the surface of a complex object into a dynamic video display of 3D. Specialised software and other technologies are used to make the projection fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces. The result creates optical illusions and turn physical objects into amazing objects that seem to act as if alive. “It’s the entertainment revolution!” :-)

Beyond the artistic aspect of things, it is visual communication in general which is taking over this technology. Now advertising agencies are increasingly being asked to use it. There are countless applications and the artistic possibilities seems limitless!

maandag 13 april 2015

New E Ink device: Kobo Glo HD.

The Kobo Glo HD is a high-end 6" e-reader, that uses a high resolution (1448x1072, 300 PPI) Carta E Ink display (this seems to be the same display used in the Kindle Voyage). It has built-in front-light, 4GB of memory, 1Ghz CPU and Wi-Fi.

Kobo Glo HD photo

The Kobo Glo HD will ship in early May 2015 for $130.

Hologram protest in Madrid against the Gag Law.

Spain's imminent Citizen Safety Law isn't exactly protester-friendly -- you can face stiff fines just for daring to disobey police peacefully, let alone holding a protest without telling the government. The activists of Hologramas por la Libertad have found a clever workaround for that, however. As the name suggests, they're using holographic protesters to challenge the new legal restrictions. People worldwide were invited to record video (or text and voice, if they preferred) that would be converted into holograms marching in front of the Spanish Parliament. If you aren't allowed to protest in person, the movement argues, you can still protest as an optical illusion.
The results you see here aren't quite as intimidating as sea of real people, and they have to be shown at night to get the effect. Unfortunately, that means that the politicians who most need to see the protests probably won't notice them until after the fact, if at all. Still, it's proof that holograms can help the public get its message out.

Hologram protest in Madrid against the Gag Law. "As we can't protest as free citizens, we protest as free holograms." 

vrijdag 10 april 2015

Towering video wall.

Liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturer Planar Systems recently collaborated with media player vendor BrightSign to create its tallest Mosaic architectural video wall to date. The four-storey installation graces the reception area of a new hotel in Surfside, Fla.
The structure was installed by CMA, a local company that surveyed suppliers across the digital signage industry before deciding upon Planar’s Mosaic displays and BrightSign’s media players. Twenty 1.4-m (55-in.) displays were placed at 90-degree angles to one another, creating a herringbone pattern. With the hotel’s glass walls, the video wall is visible not just within the lobby, but also from the street.
“It perfectly complements the look of the hotel,” says Cesar Cifuentes, founder and president of CMA.
“CMA’s installation is destined to be an iconic, instantly recognizable fixture in the architectural landscape,” says Jennifer Davis, vice-president (VP) of marketing for Planar

donderdag 9 april 2015

ModiFace Mirror.

A true beauty mirror enables users to just look in the mirror to see beauty products applied on their face. ModiFace's patented technology with instant facial tracking shows a virtual makeover in real-time and in full 3D.

woensdag 8 april 2015

Cabtab in 200 taxi's in Amsterdam.

To the values of "Quality, Service, Safety, Premium offerings" in facilitating the taxi has Cabture the Cabtab devise. This is an innovative tablet that confirms in the taxi on the back of the passenger seat. On the Cabtab customers find the information they want.

Mindshare brings data and people together in The Loop

Today we are bombarded every day with data. From media, private sites, online stores and social channels. But also from the competition. These data have only really meaningful if they are linked intelligently. And that's exactly what The Loop does Mindshare. It brings people and data together.

Mindshare has an area where technology makes it possible to bring relevant data streams for brands in various channels together on a screen wall. The data come from the paid, private and social channels for a respective brand and its competition. There are also contextual data added.

The Loop can be used in different ways. Hand to do continuous campaign monitoring and optimization of the various generalists and specialists. Alternatively, these data room will be used during live events to respond on the spot with brands via eg search and social activities.

dinsdag 7 april 2015

The Marathon of Rotterdam

In preparation for the marathon of Rotterdam / The Netherlands.
35 th. edition - April 12 -

Unfortunately no Digital Signage screen yet.

Quantum of the Seas Theater.

Moment Factory’s creative input is concentrated at one end of the ship in the breathtaking Two70 Lounge. Both Quantum and Anthem of the Seas feature a Two70 - a multi-use panoramic room featuring high-tech entertainment created by Moment Factory in collaboration with RCI throughout the day and night. During daytime, the spectacular Two70 is available for guests to relax and enjoy the 270 degree views of the ocean. Engineered specifically for RCI, Vistarama is a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows in Two70 that transforms at night with descending screens, forming an ambient surface

Why Digital Signage.??

Reaching consumers with the right message, in the right moment, while they are in the right mindset.

zondag 5 april 2015

Samsung SSP digital menu with live TV demo.

Signagelive Director of Sales for EMEA, Aferdita Qesku demonstrated the digital menu board solution with live TV integration for Samsung Smart Signage Displays.

Signagelive CTO Marc Benson discussing some of the functionality available on the new LG webOS panels.

zaterdag 4 april 2015

Tianma, Reveals China’s First FHD OLED Panel’.

A display company Tianma succeeded in developing China’s first OLED panel with FHD resolution. There are several companies that mass produces or is developing AMOLED panel for smart phones. Samsung Display and LG Display are in Korea, JDI in Japan, and AUO in Taiwan. In China, the companies include Tianma, Visionox, Truly, and EveryDisplay, as well as BOE. The 4 companies that are mass producing the AMOLED panel are Samsung Display, LG Display, AUO, and EverDisplay. Of these, only Samsung and LG are pass producing FHD AMOLED panel.

With LCD panel for mobile, products with resolution of FHD or higher are already being mass produced. However, due to the manufacturing process, it is difficult to produce OLED panel with FHD resolution or higher. As emitting materials are evaporated via fine metal mask (FMM), obtaining high resolution of high precision FMM is a priority. In order to manufacture high precision FMM, metal plate of 40um or less is needed, and also requires technology that allows for highly accurate process. Only 2 companies, Japan’s DNP and Toppan, can produce high precision FMM, and since they have exclusive contracts with Samsung and LG respectively, they cannot provide FMM. Therefore, JDI employs WOLED structure that does not require FMM for AMOLED development and commercialization.

To develop high resolution AMOLED panel, Tianma has been independently developing dual FMM. Although it has not been confirmed what type of FMM was used for the FHD AMOLED revealed in FPD China 2015, they exhibited 5.5inch FHD OLED product with 400ppi resolution.

Resolution of FHD or higher can be realized by manufacturing OLED panel itself purely by process, or by another method with pentile technology. Currently it is difficult to produce FHD with the first method and even Samsung and LG are utilizing the pentile technology. As such, it is likely that Tianma’s AMOLED is pentile driven. Pixel structure needs to be analyzed once the product is available on the market. 

donderdag 2 april 2015

Nakko iBEAM Banners.

Nakko Media Introduces the iBeam Banner, a new innovative mobile advertising adformat. Surprise and engage your customers with the iBeam Banner. By using the users camera and flash combined, you enable them to project their smartphone screen on any surface.

woensdag 1 april 2015

Videos Controlled by Eye Movement – New Generation of Microdisplays

Diving into a new virtual world and taking part in films by eye control – all this might be possible with a new SVGA-OLED microdisplay. The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP has been working for a long time on the development of OLED microdisplays combining display and camera functions. The latest work will be presented by scientists at the Hannover Messe (13th – 17th April 2015, booth of TU Dresden – CFAED, hall 2, booth A38).

The world of the so-called wearables is colorful and versatile: Wrist band measuring the pulse, buttons, which indicate the receipt of e-mails with color change or glasses providing information about the environment. Already in 2012, Fraunhofer FEP presented a pair of glasses which enables a normal perception of the environment and, at the same time, offers the possibility to get digital information projected directly into the user’s field of view, which can even be controlled by eye movement. Thus, for example a technician is able to read a manual while working and scroll pages with his/her eyes without interrupting activities. This is possible with a so-called bidirectional OLED microdisplay, which is a display element that includes an embedded image sensor. The sensor can record the user’s eye movement with this integrated camera and thus enables an interaction with the displayed information.

A full-color OLED microdisplay has now been developed by the scientist where the display as well as the integrated camera functions have SVGA resolution (800 × 600 × RGBW).

More info and press release