dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Tactile display allows you to 'feel' both light and shadow.

The concept of touching things such as light or smells isn't anything new, but there's so much room for interpretation that it's always interesting to see new applications. At Siggraph 2010, a new tactile display is being shown off which allows the user to feel light and shadow. Called Touch Light Through the Leaves, the device consists of a camera which detects light, and 85 vibration units, which have motors, process the light and shadow information into sensations. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Propellerheads' Gigantic Outdoor Drum Machine.

Propellerhead's outdoor drum machine that was taken out "in the wild" at night in Stockholm, Sweden, for people to play with! There are two songs in the video, both of the demo tracks that ship with Reason 5.0. The first one is Polyform by Sharooz Raoofi and towards the end you hear a piece of Kretsloppstest by Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch.
I especially like that the team used Phidgets to create this drum machine. Phidgets enable you to hook up a mix of digital or analog sensors to a USB interface. According to a post on Create Digital Music, the interface below was supported by a Phidget 8/8/8 interface hooked to a computer, and a force sensor under the pad. The team used a Phidget Voltage divider to make the scaling and calibration magic happen.

"Phidgets are a set of "plug and play" building blocks for low cost USB sensing and control from your PC. All the USB complexity is taken care of by our robust API. Applications can be developed quickly by programmers using their favorite language: C/C++, C#, Cocoa, Delphi, Flash AS3, Flex AS3, Java, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Max/MSP, MRS, Python, REALBasic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic Script, and Visual C/C++/Borland.NET. Click on Programming if you want to look at Getting Started Guides or Code Samples."

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Bron; www.fan.tv
Wordt de Samsung Galaxy Tab de iPad-concurrent ?? Op de officiele introductie-video van Samsung is nog weinig te zien van hun Galaxy Tab die de strijd met Apple's iPad moet aangaan. Er is nu echter een Koreaans filmpje op internet verschenen waarin de Samsung Galaxy Tab uitgebreid wordt gedemonstreerd.

Het betreft wel een Galaxy Tab met een Koreaanse gebruikersinterface, maar dat neemt niet weg dat je een goed beeld krijgt van de tablet computer. Hieronder kun je beide video's bekijken.

vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

Audience Measurement.

As the only operator to specialise in all 3 formats (Roadside, Transport, & Retail/Lifestyle), EYE offers greater breadth and depth of Out-of-Home formats through a greater understanding of the anatomy of each out of home environment and how they work together.

EYE's commitment to accountability and insights is demonstrated via rigorous testing of the data to ensure a greater level of expertise and understanding with the introduction of audience measurement.

For information about EYE and MOVE please click here.

For more information on MOVE, visit www.oma.org.au.

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Samsung screens take to the skies.

In a unique project that is as technologically challenging as it is visually arresting, Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-display presentation and production system has been used to promote Samsung Electronics Australia’s latest generation of LED LiVE televisions throughout Australia.

When Samsung Electronics Australia and its Brand Experience Agency Jack Morton World Wide were looking for a way to promote the image quality of the company’s latest flat-screen TVs, they hatched (no pun intended) a plan to build a 6-metre tall giant hummingbird covered with TVs of various sizes and mounted at different angles.The idea was that the six-metre high hummingbird would be ‘flown’ above public areas across the country, offering an aesthetically stunning twist on contemporary digital advertising and signage techniques.

While the hummingbird’s stainless-steel infrastructure was being built by Concept Craft, the task of creating a solution for the playback of synchronized video content on the screens fell to Interactive Controls Pty Ltd. The company’s MD, Dean Stevenson takes up the story:

“In total there were 26 screens bolted onto the giant hummingbird, and we needed a way of mapping images across those screens. Because the whole motivation behind the project was to show off the quality of the screens, we had to do all this without compromising the images at all.

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

The Last Holographic Artist.

Remember back in the old days when holograms were the wave of the future? Sadly, those days are long gone, replaced by stereo 3D glasses and crappy movies shot in 3D HD.

Een documentare over Doctor Laser (Dr. Jason Sapan)

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Screens that dominate in Cape Town Airport.

We don’t see this anywhere near enough – screens in public spaces that are large enough, and in sufficient numbers, that they visually demand viewer attention.South Africa-based DC Media has a nice video up about taking over the software for a media company that had invested what must have been a very substantial chunk of change to put up a set of 10 mammoth 103″ plasmas in the arrivals area of Cape Town’s international airport – time, no doubt, for the recent World Cup.

The premise of the post was that they had to come in and fix a remote management mess, which is a common story. Don’t know what was there before. Don’t care. But I do like an install people can’t help but notice. The video shows few people are stopping and staring at the things, but I doubt the media company or advertising brands expect that.

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Digitale graffiti.

Een katapult waarmee je sms'jes tegen een digitaal scherm kunt schieten. Dat is de SMSlingshot, ontwikkeld door VR/Urban, onder het motto 'reclaim the screens'.

De SMSlingshot is een technisch hoogstandje, ontwikkeld door VR/Urban, een open collectief voor creatieve digitale interventies in publieke ruimtes. De houten katapult maakt gebruik van radiofrequentie, een microprocessor, laserpointer en batterijen.

De houten katapult is voorzien van een numeriek toetsenbord, waarop je een tekstberichtje kunt maken. Het berichtje kun je met de katapult 'afschieten' op een gevel waarop een projector is gericht. Daar verschijnt de tekst in een gekleurde 'splash'.
VR/Uban maakt een wereldwijde tour langs digitale festivals, om de SMSlingshot te presenteren. Van 27 augustus tot en met 2 oktober is het een publiekstrekker op het International Media Facade Festival in Berlijn en Liverpool

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

Move objects using the power of your mind.

The future of the coach-potato is looking up as new technology has surfaced that will allow you to move things using only the power of your mind.

Now you can turn the volume of your iPod up and close curtains by merely visualising these things happening. But what if you visualised someone dying, would it kill them? Something to think about.

London's Marble Arch.

Bluman Associates provides projection mapping on London's Marble Arch for 'The Gadget Show'
The new series of Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show' has opened with a large guerrilla projection with architectural mapping techniques, masterminded by London consultancy Bluman Associates.

'Gadget Show' presenters went head to head in a challenge to find the best way to use new technologies to promote the new series. Jason Bradbury worked with Pod Bluman from Bluman Associates and Bruce Ferguson from The Darkroom to devise a high-impact event – using Marble Arch in central London as the backdrop for a projection sequence, based on the classic Space Invaders computer game of the 1970s – which would go on to become the subject of a viral video campaign.
Bluman and Ferguson developed the content from Jason's brief, taking measurements of the Arch's dimensions in order to create the 3D effects and perspective. Bluman said, 'The key to really successful architectural projection mapping is the content design, developing a story that will work with the building. In this case, Jason identified the resemblance between the shape of Marble Arch and the Space Invader from the computer game of the 1970s. We had to make some tweaks to the original design, resulting in the creation of the ‘Gadgetvader’.'


Based in Yorkshire, Media Displays are a leading supplier of Mobile Billboards, Digital Ad Vans and Digi Bikes.

Hier het bericht van BBC news.

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

At the Temple of Horus (Edfu)Egypte, featuring large scale projection from four Christie Roadster S+20K 3-chip DLP® devices. This will be the first time that large format projection has been used in any of these shows.

Projecting a distance of 70m onto the main gate, this will mark the final destination in a three-stage visitor attraction.

The Edfu spectacular will be staged three times per night. The ancient temple itself is located on the west bank of the Nile; the second largest in Egypt (after Karnak) it is one of the best preserved. Dedicated to the falcon god Horus, it was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57 BC. The audio visual show depicts the building of the temple, presents a day in the life of a temple dweller, from sunrise to sunset, and tells the mythological story of Isis, Osiris, Horus and Set.

More info.

Outfits delen via Twitter-spiegel

Bron; www.bright.nl
Tijdens het shoppen aan je vrienden vragen wat ze van je nieuwe outfit vinden, kan bij modeketen WE via de Tweet Mirror.
De Tweet Mirror werkt als volgt: je gaat met je nieuwe outfit voor de spiegel staan, maakt een foto en de spiegel stuurt deze vervolgens naar vrienden of familie op sociale netwerken zoals Twitter en Facebook. Je vrienden ontvangen een update en kunnen meteen hun mening geven over de nieuwe outfit, maar die feedback ontvang je wel gewoon via je eigen telefoon. De foto wordt gekoppeld aan informatie over de retailer, in dit geval WE.
In verschillende landen is de intelligente spiegel van Nedap al te terug te vinden tussen de kledingrekken. En IconNicholson deed eerder al een test bij Bloomingdales in Manhattan met een soortgelijke spiegel. In Nederland is WE de eerste moderetailer die de spiegel van Nedap gaat gebruiken om klanten te helpen bij hun kledingkeuze.

Debbie Huisman van WE vertelt dat de keten de sociale passpiegel gaat gebruiken om klanten een betere shopping experience te geven. Wie niet kan wachten en de spiegel wil gebruiken kan momenteel alleen terecht in Nijmegen. Binnenkort zal de spiegel ook in Zaandam en in de Leidsestraat in Amsterdam te bewonderen zijn.

zondag 15 augustus 2010

Daktronics Does Phoenix Island.

Bron; www.dailydooh.com
You are going to have to wait until 2014 for Phoenix Island to be complete but Daktronics tell us that by the end of this year the installation of a multi-million dollar Daktronics LED display system is set to be complete.

Last week Sanya Phoenix Island Development of China and Daktronics Inc. (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, USA, announced that they would be teaming up to embellish the brand new Phoenix Island with light emitting diode (LED) stick video elements.

Approximately 33,0000 linear meters (108,000 feet) of ProPixel® LED stick elements will be installed on the outside of the buildings – the owner of the island envisioned covering every building on the island with top quality LEDs!!

Working with Daktronics from the very early concept stages, the curtain-wall on the outside of each building was specifically designed to house the Daktronics LED stick elements. The specially designed exterior will allow for a sleeker, continuous look, without the appearance of add-on features and should look amazing.
About Sanya Phoenix Island
With six luxury apartment buildings, five-star hotel, conference center, signature seven-star hotel and domestic and international ferry terminals, Phoenix Island will be a landmark vacation destination and the highest hotel in the region of Hainan. Phoenix Island lies in the middle of “sunshine center” of Sanya, surrounded by the sea and connected to downtown Sanya by a 390 meter (1,280 foot) long bridge. Phoenix Island includes seven projects: a 200 square meter (2,150 square foot) super star hotel (which includes the hotel and an international conference center), 360 round view resort centers, a business club, a walking street, international yacht club, Olympic center and an international harbor.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Videocamera met beamer.

Bron; www.fan.tv
Ordo heeft zijn nieuwste camcorder voorzien van de bekende Picoprojector. Hierdoor kun je met deze camera de opnames tonen aan een groot publiek.
Via de Picoprojector kunnen de beelden op een doek of muur geprojecteerd worden met een maximale grootte van 60 inch. dat is een beeldiagonaal van anderhalve meter. De resolutie bedraagt 854 bij 480 pixels wat vergelijkbaar is met de resolutie van een analoge televisie. De helderheid bedraagt 15 lumens.
Als je de beelden gewoon via de televisie of computer bekijkt zijn deze wel scherper. De Ordro HDV-D350S is een HD-camera die kan filmen in een resolutie van 1440 bij 1080 pixels met 60fps. Foto's maken kan met een kwaliteit van 10 megapixel. De camera heeft 10x optische zoom.

Het LCD-display van de Ordro HDV-D350S is 3 inch groot. De dataopslag gebeurt op SD/SDHC-geheugenkaartjes. De camera kost inclusief Picoprojector (die er overigens gewoon af kan) 550 euro bij de fabrikant.

Mercedes 3D content to run on Sky.

Sky's 3D channel is to screen on Sunday a short 3D film featuring Mercedes' supercar, the SLS, driven by ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard.

The film was shot on the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Racing course, which has no speed limit. Coulthard reached a speed of 162mph during the shoot, produced by editorial agency Inc.
It will be shown on Sky 3D around coverage of this Sunday's Liverpool vs Arsenal Premier League match, which kicks off at 4pm
Sky's 3D channel is currently available in 1,500 pubs throughout the UK and Ireland and is to be available to consumers from 1 October.
The film was commissioned as part of a wider campaign for the SLS created by Weapon7.

Television manufacturer LG has bought the rights to the film to show on its 3D TV models at point of sale and in exhibitions.

Digital Signage to Receive Instant Customer Feedback.

Consumer electronics giant LG has set a new interactive standard in point-of-purchase (POP) customer communication in cooperation with Specialized Software Services (SSS), a Scala Certified Partner. A total of 28 Interactive Power Poles were installed at high-traffic locations within large malls in different countries in the Middle East: 11 in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), nine in Saudi Arabia and eight in Egypt.

“The ultimate goal for LG with these installations is to successfully introduce a range of new mobile phones to the market and communicate instantly the features of each phone to potential customers,” said H.S Paik, President, LG Gulf FZE.
The poles have a unique design and state-of-the art interactive features to meet LG’s information challenge. The new phone models are attached to the poles with retractable cords. When a viewer takes one of the phones from the unit, a photo cell is activated. This triggers a script that runs on Scala 5 software. The software then plays digital content on a 32-inch touchscreen related to the phone that was taken from the unit by the consumer. Through the touchscreen, the target customer can browse through and compare the features of the phones.

“By reaching potential customers directly, we are able to receive accurate and up-to-date feedback on the new mobile phones. These include the LG Arena, Chocolate BL40,
GM900 Chrystal and GM730 Windows Mobile,” said Paik.

Through the software, this system registers crucial generic information about the audience in front of the POP unit. Combined with the data coming from the touchscreens, a database is created that offers LG in-depth marketing information. The data reports function as operational tools to optimize the company’s marketing strategy.

The project will run for nine months, and the results will be evaluated in October 2010. If the outcome is positive, the project will be extended for another year.

To learn more about LG’s interactive digital signage, visit here.

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Hybride televisie.

Bron; www.fan.tv
De nieuwe Samsung FX2490HD staat officieel te boek als een computermonitor, maar evengoed zou je het een televisie kunnen noemen. Hij beschikt namelijk over een ingebouwde tv-tuner.Zelfs een scart-aansluiting is aanwezig voor het koppelen van randapparatuur zoals videorecorders. Een D-Sub ingang een usb-poort en twee hdmi-poorten bieden nog veel meer aansluitmogelijkheden voor audio- en video-apparatuur. Via de usb-poort kun je usb-sticks en externe harde schijven direct op de monitor/televisie aansluiten.
Met het geluid zit het ook goed. De Samsung FX2490HD ondersteunt 7.1-kanaals Dolby Digital en DTS audio.

En dat geldt ook voor het beeld, dat is absoluut televisie-waardig. De contrastverhouding bedraagt 1.000:1, de helderheid van 250 cd/m2 en de reactietijd 5ms.

De Samsung FX2490HD moet nog in augustus 2010 in de Nederlandse winkels komen te staan.

zondag 8 augustus 2010

Connected TVs Shipments Surge, 119 Million in 2014.

The TV market enters a new phase, as connected TVs hit mainstream. According to the latest DisplaySearch Quarterly TV Design and Features Report, internet connectivity has emerged as a key feature in TVs this year.

The report notes 55% of TV models available across Japan, No. America, Europe, China and India have Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capability. Overall, this is 45 million connected TV sets, 19% of flat panel TV shipments in 2010. DisplaySearch forecasts the connected segment to reach 119 million units in 2014, accounting for 42% of all TVs shipped worldwide.

“We have seen DLNA as a solution in search of a problem for a long while, but with the surge in media streaming, the technology has found its place—creating business opportunities for TV set makers, broadcasters and retailers,” says Paul Gray, Director of TV Electronics Research.

“The internet video battleground will take place in the living room, with all facets of the TV supply chain trying to stake claims. As a result, the competition is creating attractive new viewing choices for consumers, which underpins the value of the TV’s network connection.”

DisplaySearch research also covers the progress made in the development of energy efficient TVs, as well as enabling technologies such as LED backlights, which are forecast to be in over 80% of LCD TVs shipped in 2014.

The report also includes details of key featuring of new 3D models launched by leading set makers.
Go Connect TVs Report by DisplaySearch

Epson, Philips Co-Develop Projector Light Control System.

Seiko Epson Corporation collaborates with Royal Philips Electronics on core modules for projectors to develop a new light control system for 3LCD projectors. The two companies are now shipping samples to projector makers.

The new system uses Epson's high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT LCD drive technology and Philips’s ImageCare lamp control technology. Based on the results of image analysis performed by Epson's panel drive circuits, lamp drive circuits compatible with Philips' ImageCare continually adjust the lamp brightness according to the image being projected. The combination of the two companies' technologies, say the makers, results in a light control system that improves contrast by approximately 500% and energy consumption by up to half compared to conventional systems used in 3LCD projectors.

Both Epson and Philips plan to sell the core modules they have developed. The new system is compatible with all Epson HTPS panels currently being supplied to projector manufacturers.

Go to Philips Digital Projection Lighting

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Gamen met je ogen.

Een paar techneuten van het Amerikaanse Waterloo Labs geven het computerspel Super Mario een nieuwe demensie. besturing met de ogen lijkt vooral een oplossing voor gehandicapten. Met Eye mario hoef je slechts te knipperen met je ogen.

Times Square Billboard.

Bron; www.sign.nl
Het Amerikaanse modelabel Forever21 heeft met zijn interactieve billboardcampagne passanten verbaasd op het gigantisch drukke Times Square in New York. Alle blikken gingen naar het 18,5 meter brede scherm dat reageert op de omgeving.Op het billboardscherm is een model te zien dat foto's maakt van de voorbijgangers, ze in haar tas stopt of kust. Het billboard is ontwikkeld door het interactieve bureau Space150 en trekt enorm veel bekijks.

Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood.

New Look ~ New Vibe ~ New Memorabilia Technology
"In the latest example of Hard Rock’s concept-driven design evolution, the Hollywood Boulevard cafe was developed to integrate technology, creating a new look and vibe that will rock Hollywood. Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard showcases new and unique interactive experiences for guests – from an 18’ x 4’ Rock Wall™ to touch screens in booths throughout the cafe to Microsoft Surface™, each featuring innovative multi-touch technology that enables fans to explore the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia collection and virtually tour all of Hard Rock’s venues worldwide."

"In addition to the cutting-edge multimedia memorabilia experience, hundreds of items from Hard Rock’s iconic collection adorn the walls of Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard, including items from many of the world’s most beloved and recognizable musicians, as well as contemporary artists with local ties. Key memorabilia items are now on display, from Jimi Hendrix’s purple crushed velvet hat; to Janis Joplin’s love letter to then boyfriend Peter LeBlanc; Jim Morrison’s leather pants and handwritten lyrics to “L.A. Woman”; to Katy Perry’s sparkly dress and Fergie’s tour outfit worn while on tour with the Black Eyed Peas."

The memorabilia wall was created for the Hard Rock Cafe by Obscura Digital, a company that is involved in off-the-desktop ubiquitous computing, including ambient technologies that include natural-user interfaces and interaction. Obscura Digital aims to "make data pervasive and accessible in almost any situation, allowing virtually any surface to be turned into a portal to the Internet".

The Memorabilia Wall has been installed in several Hard Rock Cafes around the world- additional pictures can be found on the Obscura Digital website.The first installation of the wall was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas in 2009. - Below is the interaction of the wall at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe:

The following video, set to Beck's "Elevator Music", provides a great demonstration of the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia application as experienced on the Surface.

Hard Rock memorabilia app for Microsoft Surface (extended) from Duncan/Channon on Vimeo.